Vostok Amphibian & Vostok Komandirskie

Looking for a mechanical equivalent to a Casio G-Shock then that’ll be this Russian “bomb proof” range of  dive watches. Vostok (Boctok) is a company that has been producing watches for the Russian military and professional divers since the end of WWII. Here we look at the Vostok Amphibian and Komandirskie divers watches.

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The no-nonsense Vostok Divers Watch

Vostok offer no-nonsense, hard wearing quality at a down to earth price. They are most famous for their two popular dive watches – the Vostok Amphibian and the Vostok Komandirskie. Please note – sometimes you may see the company name written “BOCTOK” – this is correct and is in fact the correct Russian Cyrillic format.

Supplier to the Russian Defence Department

Vostok watches was established in 1942 when watch parts & manufacturing equipment of  The First Moscow Watch Factory were evacuated. This enforced move to Chistopol led to the company becoming an official supplier to the Soviet Government. These popular Russian dive watches as renowned nowadays for their durability and retro styling if not for their precision timekeeping.

Vostok Komandirskie – good enough for The Commander

There are two Vostok Divers Watches that everyone holds in high esteem. The iconic Vostok Komandirskie (known in the East sometimes as the Commander’s watch). This timepiece was introduced in 1965 and is still produced today.

The Vostok Komandirskie is a series of mechanical watches produced by the Russian watch company Vostok. The name “Komandirskie” means “Commander’s” in English, and the watches were originally designed for use by the Soviet military.

The Vostok Komandirskie watches are known for their robustness, durability, and affordability. They feature a mechanical movement, which means that they are powered by a spring rather than a battery, and require regular winding to keep time. The watches also have a water resistance of up to 200 meters, making them suitable for swimming and diving.

The Vostok Komandirskie watches have a simple and functional design, with a range of dial and case options available, including military-inspired designs with camouflage patterns or Soviet insignia. The watches typically have a stainless steel case and a mineral crystal glass, which provides good protection against scratches and impacts.

While the Vostok Komandirskie watches may not have the same level of refinement or luxury as high-end mechanical watches, they offer excellent value for money and are a popular choice for those who want a reliable and robust mechanical watch at an affordable price point. The watches have a loyal following among collectors and enthusiasts, and are highly regarded for their toughness, reliability, and distinctive Soviet-era styling.

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Vostok Amphibia – trusted by millions around the world

After the huge success of the Komandirskie Vostok designed and produced a legend – the Vostok Amphibia Divers Watch.  After the fall of communism in the late 1980’s this watch gathered a bit of a cult status. There have been literally MILLIONS produced.  If you had to choose a watch to be stranded on a desert island with – then you couldn’t go far wrong with this Russian wonder watch – the Vostok Amphibia.

The Vostok Amphibia is a series of mechanical dive watches produced by the Russian watch company Vostok. The Amphibia has been in production since the mid-1960s and has gained a loyal following among watch enthusiasts due to its unique design, affordability, and excellent performance.

A Russian Dive Watch designed to be a reliable and robust watch suitable for diving with a water resistance rating of up to 200 meters. The watch features a screw-down crown and case back, as well as a thick mineral crystal, which provides excellent protection against water and impact.

The Amphibia has a unique and distinctive design, with a round case and a scalloped bezel. The dial is simple and functional, with large, easy-to-read markers and hands. The watch is available in a range of dial and case colors, including black, blue, green, and orange.

One of the unique features of the Vostok Amphibia is its automatic movement, which is self-winding and requires no battery. The movement is also relatively accurate and reliable, making it a popular choice for those who want a mechanical watch at an affordable price point.

Overall, the Vostok Amphibia is a good watch that offers excellent value for money. It is a reliable and robust timepiece that is suitable for diving, and its unique design and affordable price point have made it a popular choice among watch enthusiasts around the world.

Some Alternatives to Vostok Dive Watches

The Vostok watches offer great value for money and practical usability. There are two other brands that offer similar value and practicality – Steeldive and ChronoDivers.

Steeldive watches – from UK seller

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Seiko SKX Homage by ChronoDivers

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