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Tudor Dive Watches - the Tudor Black Bay and Pelagos divers watches

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Tudor is a brand rich in Swiss heritage with a direct ancestry link to Rolex. The Tudor Black Bay pays homage to a history in producing world-class divers watches. The Tudor Pelagos can withstand depths to 500m with the ever popular LHD model (with crown on the left side). ChronoDivers takes a deep dive into Tudor Dive Watches including a review of their key functions & features. We also consider the safest online places to buy a Certified Genuine Tudor Black Bay or Pelagos.

The Tudor Black Bay is available in many different styles and formats from discrete unassuming models to fully functional 43mm dive watches. Built to the highest modern standards – the Tudor Pelagos is the definition of a luxury quality dive watch.

6 Good Reasons to Own a Tudor

If it’s good enough for David Beckham (a Tudor Ambassador) … maybe you’re not a Beckham fan so here are six more good reasons to own a Tudor Black Bay or Pelagos watch:

  1. Heritage and Legacy: Tudor is a sister brand of Rolex, and like Rolex, it has a rich heritage in watchmaking. The Black Bay and Pelagos models draw inspiration from Tudor’s iconic dive watches of the past, connecting you to a legacy of craftsmanship and design.
  2. Distinguished Design: The Black Bay and Pelagos watches feature distinctive designs that combine vintage aesthetics with modern elements. The Black Bay is known for its vintage-inspired dial, “snowflake” hands, and colorful bezel options, while the Pelagos showcases a contemporary and robust look with a titanium case and bracelet.
  3. Quality and Craftsmanship: Tudor watches are renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Both the Black Bay and Pelagos are built to high standards, using premium materials and reliable movements, ensuring accuracy and durability.
  4. Versatility: The Black Bay and Pelagos watches are versatile timepieces suitable for various occasions. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or engaging in outdoor activities, these watches can complement different styles and settings.
  5. Professional Diving Capabilities: The Pelagos, in particular, is a professional-grade dive watch, offering outstanding water resistance up to 500 meters (1,640 feet). It features a helium escape valve and a robust construction, making it an excellent companion for serious divers and water sports enthusiasts.
  6. Value for Money: Tudor offers a compelling combination of quality, design, and heritage at a more accessible price point than its sister brand, Rolex. Owning a Tudor Black Bay or Pelagos allows you to enjoy Swiss watchmaking excellence without the premium associated with Rolex watches.

As with any watch purchase, it’s essential to consider your personal preferences, style, and intended use to ensure that a Tudor Black Bay or Pelagos watch aligns with your needs and brings you joy as a valuable addition to your collection.

Tudor Dive Watches Origins

It was in 1954 that the world was introduced to the first TUDOR divers’ watch. That watch was the TUDOR Oyster Prince Submariner – reference 7922. It was an automatic (self-winding) watch and the first in their collection with guaranteed water resistancy. To achieve that it’s case featured a screw-down back and a crown whose water resistancy was guaranteed to a depth of 100 metres.

The FIRST Tudor diver's watch - the Oyster Prince Submariner ref 7922

It featured over-sized, luminous hour markers and hands for easy reading at depth underwater. It also included the essential dive time bezel graduated in 5-minute intervals. On the dial were printed the words “OYSTER PRINCE” under the Tudor logo and “100 m = 330 ft”, “SUBMARINER”, “ROTOR”, “SELF-WINDING” on the bottom four lines.


Rolex origins since 1926

The Tudor brand was established in 1926 when Hans Wilsdorf (Rolex founder) said:

For some years now, I have been considering the idea of making a watch that our agents could sell at a more modest price than our Rolex watches, and yet one that would attain the standard of dependability for which Rolex is famous. I decided to form a separate company, with the object of making and marketing this new watch. It is called the TUDOR watch company.


and that’s why many of the older Tudor watches bear the Rolex logo and brand name on their cases, case-backs and bracelet buckles. So now you know why every watch collector should own a TUDOR watch, let’s go shopping …

Tudor Black Bay

The current Black Bay models are the culmination of over Sixty years of TUDOR diving experiences. A depth of experience and history distilled into one iconic watch. The new Black Bay is powered by an in-house mechanical automatic (self-winding) movement.

Example of a Tudor Black Bay - professional dive watch as sold here

The origins of the Black Bay date back to 1954 and the launch of reference Oyster Prince Submariner ref-7922 (shown above). This watch heralded the beginning of a long line of ergonomic, legible, accurate and robust divers’ watches. Importantly, a feature sometimes overlooked by other luxury brands – the Black Bay is still and always has been an understated, functional and reliable underwater tool.

Current Black Bay models

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What to pay?

With so many models to chose from it’s advisable to check prices an a website like WatchCharts.com. Not only will go get the average current market value for a watch – but you’ll also see trends on the value over 5 years.

Most popular in the Black Bay range is the reinterpretation of their classic dive watch from 1958 – the Tudor Black Bay 58. A good pre-owned example of the Black Bay 58 will attract anywhere between £2,500 to £3,400. Also in much demand is the Tudor Heritage (79230) available in several colour schemes including 79230B – Blue bezel, 79230R – Red bezel, 79230N – Black bezel and 79230G – Green bezel. All models have a BLACK dial and gold hands and detailing. A clean full set example of a Heritage 79230 is valued between £2,200 and £3,300 – specific price depends on the specific model.

Recently Discovered on eBay

eBay is a great place to go to check a) the current prices of a specific watch and b) to see what the watch looks like in the “real world”. Most product photos on eBay are taken with great care to best represent the watch. You get to see what it really looks like (not a computer enhanced brochure photo). Take a look at this stunning example of a Tudor Black Bay 58 Reference 79030B – listed for just £2,395 from a reputable seller with 100% feedback.

All the watches shown below have been sold this year on eBay. It might not be the first place that springs to mind when looking to buy, or sell, a Tudor watch – but it’s definitely worth checking. Many watches selling for over £1,500 (or $1,500) in the UK (USA) are covered by the eBay Certificate of Authenticity. Keep an eye out for the BLUE TICK on the listing. If it’s got the BLUE TICK – you know it’s a 100% authentic Tudor – independently certified.

images © eBay under EPN permissions

“Snowflake” hands & Big Crown

It’s a watch that draws its distinctive features from past models in the Tudor’s long history. The domed sapphire crystal has taken inspiration from their diving watches. The prominent winding crown features on the 7924 reference of 1958, a watch known as the “Big Crown”. Most instantly recognizable are the characteristic angular hands aka the “Snowflake” hands. These were originally found on watches used by the French National Navy in the 1970s.

Technical Specifications

  • Five year Guarantee : Five-year transferable guarantee with no registration or periodic maintenance checks required
  • Case : 41 mm steel case with polished and satin finish
  • Movement : Manufacture Calibre MT5602 (COSC) Self-winding mechanical movement with bidirectional rotor system
  • Power Reserve : Power reserve of approximately 70 hours
  • Winding Crown : Screw-down steel winding crown, with the TUDOR rose engraved and black-lacquered, with blue anodised aluminium winding crown tube
  • Waterproofness : Waterproof to 200 m (660 ft)
  • Bezel : Steel unidirectional rotatable bezel with disc in matt blue anodised aluminium
  • Dial : Black with grey index, domed
  • Crystal : Domed sapphire crystal
  • Bracelet : Rivet steel bracelet with folding buckle and safety clasp


Tudor Pelagos

The Tudor Pelagos is a masterpiece in underwater timepieces – a culmination of years of developing watches for diving professionals.  The Pelagos is an example of a tool watch – possibly the most complete traditional mechanical dive watch on the market.

Example of a Tudor Pelagos - 500 metres water resistant divers watch

To further support this claim the The Pelagos was awarded the “Sports Watch” prize at the prestigious Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. All serious professional divers’ watches are certified waterproof to 200 metres – there are several models of the Pelagos rated to 500 metres (1,640 feet).

Current Models

Pelagos M25600TN

One of the most popular models is the M25600TN – a robust and refined diver’s watch, epitomizing Tudor’s commitment to precision and durability. Encased in lightweight titanium, its 42mm design features a unidirectional ceramic bezel and a helium escape valve for deep-sea exploration. Powered by the reliable Tudor MT5612 movement, it boasts a 70-hour power reserve.

The matte black dial, adorned with luminescent markers and hands, ensures optimal legibility in various conditions. With a water resistance of 500 meters (1,640 feet), the Pelagos is a reliable companion for serious divers. Its practicality is complemented by a titanium bracelet with an auto-adjustable buckle for comfort during underwater adventures, making it a standout choice for enthusiasts seeking both style and functionality.


  • Five year Guarantee : Five-year transferable guarantee with no registration or periodic maintenance checks required
  • Case : 42 mm titanium and steel case with satin finish
  • Movement : Manufacture Calibre MT5612 (COSC)
    Self-winding mechanical movement with bidirectional rotor system
  • Power Reserve : Power reserve of approximately 70 hours
  • Winding Crown : Titanium winding crown with TUDOR logo in relief
  • Helium escape valve at 9 o’clock
  • Waterproofness : Waterproof to 500 m (1,640 ft)
  • Bezel : Unidirectional rotatable bezel in titanium, graduated over 60 minutes with ceramic matt black disc and graduations with white luminescent material
  • Dial : Black with white index
  • Date at 3 o’clock
  • Crystal : Sapphire crystal
  • Bracelet : Titanium bracelet with folding clasp and safety catch in steel with bracelet extension system developed and patented by TUDOR

Pelagos FXD French Navy

The latest addition to the Pelagos collection is the new Pelagos FXD. As with all other models it comes in a titanium case – this one being 42 mm satin brushed. Like previous Tudor timepieces before it – the FXD was developed in close collaboration with a special unit of the French Navy. Following a set of unique specifications the Pelagos FXD is designed for professional underwater navigation.

Pelagos LHD for Lefties

How many other brands make a special watch to accommodate 10% of the world’s population. Available in both left-hand with the crown on the LEFT and the more regular right-handed versions – crown on the RIGHT. Named the LHD for “Left Hand Drive” – the Pelagos LHD for left-handed divers features a winding stem positioned to the left of the case. This rare feature means the watch can be worn on the right wrist. In a nod to its past, the TUDOR Pelagos evokes the brand’s history of dive watches designed specifically for left-handed professional divers.

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What to pay?

Given the abundance of available models, it is recommended to consult prices on a platform such as WatchCharts.com. This not only provides the current average market value for a watch but also presents trends in its value over a span of five years.

Very popular are the Tudor Pelagos 25610TNL (with it’s Left Hand crown) and the Pelagos 25600TN and 25500TN – right hand crown, titanium case and domed sapphire glass. A nice clean pre-owned example of the 25601TNL will sell for approximately £2,500 to £3,400. Pay more for a full set model with box, papers and original receipts. The regular right hand crown 25600 and 25500 models will fetch a similar price.

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