ChronoDivers Store

We stock a small handpicked range of Dive Watch straps and several more related accessories. We’ve focused on the best quality products – watch straps proven robust enough to survive the harsh marine environment. At Chronodivers we know our customers expect only the very best. Below is a sample of the products you will find on our eBay store.

Seiko Z22 style Diver’s Strap for SKX watches

A very popular Seiko diver’s watch strap – this one a recreation of the classic Seiko Z22 (22mm) and Seiko Z20 (20mm) WAVE strap. For fans of classic dive watches like the Seiko SKX009 Pepsi and Seiko SKX007 this strap is a perfect, affordable replacement for a lost or damaged original. Just like the original this strap is extra long – designed to fit around the outside of a wetsuit. Will fit Seiko watches with case numbers : 7S26-xxxx, 7002=xxxx, 6306-xxxx, 6309-xxxx.

Citizen ND Limits Diver’s Watch strap

The Citizen ND Limits Dive Watch strap is one of our most popular products – and for a good reason. Produced from a high quality – strong but very soft silicone. Each strap is finished with marine grade stainless steel buckle and pin. These watch straps are styled on those supplied with certain Citizen Dive watches. The N.D.Limits reference printed on the strap tells a diver HOW LONG they can stay under water at a specific DEPTH without the need for decompression. For example – at 15 metres a diver may remain submersed for 100 minutes.

NATO Bond & Omega Watch Straps

We have several versions of these popular NATO watch straps in the James Bond 007 colours. The modern (Spectre) version in black and grey and the original (Regimental) version in navy blue, green and red. We stock a 3 x buckle strap with “flat / square” buckles and another with 5 x “rounded / smooth” buckles. Browse our range of James Bond watch straps. We also stock a range of other ZULU / G10 straps in various colours and styles including a tactical ALL BLACK version and the red, white and blue Omega Commander style shown below.

Heavy Duty Spring Bars – Seiko Fatboy 2.5mm

If you’re buying a new watch strap then there’s no better time to replace your spring bars (watch strap pins). We stock the best quality heavy duty spring bars in various styles and sizes. We have a generic 22mm double flanged spring bar, a FAT 2.5mm spring bar suitable for Seiko SKX007 & SKX009 and similar Fatboy Spring Bars for Seiko dive watches.