Steeldive Watches

Steeldive watches summed up in a few words – exceptional quality usable dive watches at prices that will surprise most watch fans. All their watches are tested for water resistancy and built from modern, high quality components.

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Unlike many other homage watches you can swim and even scuba in a Steeldive watch. Most models are powered by reliable movements like the automatic NH35 (made by TMI / Seiko).

Are Steeldive FAKES?

No – Steeldive timepieces are generally designed as a tribute to some of the best and most famous dive watches. They are often, but not always influenced by iconic Seiko dive watches and other Swiss dive watches. Importantly, they are NOT fake watches as they do not make any claim to be the original watch. These watches do NOT bear any of the original branded livery (logos etc). Just look at the spec below – that’s not what you’d find in a cheap copy watch. We have more Homage Watches here – a collection of Rolex, Omega and Blancpain tributes from Parnis, Bliger, Corgeut and Tandorio

Are Steeldive watches any good? absolutely yes. Their cases are manufactured from marine grade stainless steel – 316L. Most of their watches utilize proven automatic movements such as the Seiko NH34 and NH35 – reliable and accurate. All Steeldive timepieces feature scratch resistant sapphire glass.

Where are Steeldive watches made? as far as we can gather, the company responsible for this brand is the Guangzhou Qiin Watch Company in Guangdong, China.

Steeldive 1953 – Rolex Submariner tribute

The SD1953 is Steeldive’s tribute to the Rolex Submariner. The Steeldive SD1953 comes in several colours including traditional black, “hulk” green and “smurf” blue. The one shown here is the Steeldive HULK with all green dial and bezel. For a tribute watch the SD1953’s specification reads like a that of a watch double it’s price. Marine grade 316L steel casing – Seiko NH35 automatic self winding movement, sapphire crystal and BGW9 lume.

Steeldive Rolex Submariner Tributes - traditional black - Hulk green and Smurf blue

Where to Buy your Steeldive Watch

Discover a collection of Steeldive dive watches on eBay today. Click the banner below to browse the latest offerings. This is a direct link to eBay with filtered results to show only the best Steeldive watches on the market today.

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Steeldive 1975 homage to the Seiko Tuna

Another very popular model from Steeldive is their bomb-proof, deep diving SD1975 – a clear tribute to the iconic Seiko Tuna. The original Tuna was made famous in the 1970’s due to it’s innovative solution to a common deep-dive watch problem- the ingress of helium gas in to the watch. Instead of installing a helium escape valve as found in watches like the Rolex Sea-Dweller and Omega Planet Ocean – Seiko solved the problem with an external “helium proof” gasket. It’s this gasket that makes the Steeldive SD1975 instantly recognizable as a Seiko Tuna Homage.

Steeldive Watches - Seiko Tuna homage

There are several models in the SD 1975 range. The all black SD 9175 5 link Tuna is very popular. Another new model that stands out from the rest is the vintage styled SD1975V with a tropical patina on the luminous indexes. This false aging gives the impression it’s been around for several decades. Both watches are constructed from a 316L marine grade steel case with an AV coated sapphire crystal, 120 click uni-directional bezel and Japanese Seiko NH35A automatic self-winding movement. All models are certified water resistant to 300m with some models such as the Steeldive SD1978 Emperor Tuna rated to a whopping 1000m

Steeldive SD1970 Willard Turtle Tribute

Possibly the most popular watch in the Steeldive collection. This is their version of the classic Seiko Turtle as worn by Martin Sheen in the movie “Apocalypse Now“. The Steeldive Turtle features a smooth, shell like case with rounded lugs. The Steeldive SD1970 is a mid-sized dive watch that looks right both on the beach and in the office.

Steeldive Captain Willard Seiko Turtle homage. The Steeldive SD1970 in presentation box

As with all Steeldive timepieces it features quality marine grade components and inside it’s powered by the Japanese NH35A self-winding movement. If you’re in the market for a dive watch made famous in patrolling the Vietnam rivers – look no further than this Steeldive Captain Willard tribute.

Steeldive SD1970 Specification

  • Sapphire Crystal Glass
  • NH35 Automatic Movement
  • 120 Click Rotational Ceramic Bezel
  • 200m Water Resistance
  • Screwdown Crown
  • Screwback Case
  • 316L Stainless Steel Case
  • Stainless Steel Strap and Extra Steeldive branded rubber strap included
  • Hacking Movement
  • C3 Luminova on the face
  • BGW9 on the bezel
  • Lug Width – 20mm
  • Case Diameter – 44mm
  • Lug to Lug – 46mm
  • Case Thickness – 13.5mm
  • Weight – 140g
  • Hard Presentation Box and warranty card

Steeldive SD1969 – Ploprof Homage

The Steeldive SD1969 pays tribute to the highly innovative Omega Ploprof – “Plongeur Professional” – French for Professional Divers. A deep dive watch that broke records in the late 1960’s and early 70’s. The orange button on the side is a helium escape valve.

A collection of Steeldive Ploprof divers watches with automatic movement and helium escape valve

‘It may not look pretty on the surface, but deep down it’s beautiful.’- that’s genuinely how Omega described their deep diving masterpiece. The Steeldive PloProf is, believe it or not, like the Omega original, waterproof rated to a depth of 1,200m. Honestly? We don’t know, but that’s what it says on the spec sheet and we’ve not got a testing machine capable of testing beyond 200m! One thing is certain – it’s good for scuba, snorkeling, bathing etc.

Steeldive SD1969 Ploprof Specification

  • Sapphire Crystal Glass
  • NH35 Automatic Movement
  • Lockable Bi-Rotational Ceramic Bezel
  • 1200m Water Resistance
  • Screwdown Crown and Crown Guard
  • Screwback Case
  • 316L Stainless Steel Case
  • Stainless Steel Sharkmesh strap fitted and free Rubber Strap also supplied
  • Hacking Movement
  • Helium Escape Valve
  • C3 Luminova on the face
  • Lug width – 22mm
  • Case Diameter with crown- 56mm
  • Lug to Lug – 46 mm
  • Case Thickness – 13.8mm
  • Weight – 250g
  • Hard Presentation Box and warranty card

Dilema – a modern reliable homage watch or a vintage refurbished one

In our opinion it makes sense buying one of these watches over a 20 year old watch of unknown origin. Steeldive make a lovely homage to the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. They also produce tribute watches to many of the most popular Seiko diver’s watches. This includes homages to the Seiko Tuna, Turtle and a very nice Seiko Captain Willard homage. That one reproducing the looks of the classic 1970’s 6105 Seiko Turtle. Other best sellers are the Steeldive SD1970 (Captain Willard), the SD1975J Kanagawa Wave (Seiko Tuna homage) and the Steeldive SD1952 MilSpec (Blancpain Fifty Fathoms tribute)

ChronoDivers homage to the SKX009 & SKX007

For fans of the original Seiko models – we have commissioned our own homage to the Seiko SKX009. The ChronoDivers CD200SKX is a 200 meter water resistant dive watch powered by the reliable Seiko (SSI) NH35A automatic self winding movement. With 24 jewels, sapphire crystal, silicone watch strap, screw-down crown, hacking (start / stop time) our version offers excellent value for money. Currently we have this timepiece available with 4 different bezels including the all black SKX007 and the red & blue Pepsi version. >> ChronoDivers 200m diver’s watch here

Steeldive Video Reviews

A couple of video reviews that illustrate the quality of this brand. The first is the Steeldive SD1953 Submariner homage and the Steeldive SD1970 Willard – the tribute to the Seiko Tuna

Steeldive SD1953 Video Review

The Watchdog reviews the SteelDive SD1953 and thinks it is an awesome watch for under $100 (Fun with Watches)

Steeldive SD1970 Turtle Video Review

Here are my thoughts on the Steeldive SD1970, a watch that is supposed to be the best bang for the buck from AliExpress, but is it? (Wes’ Watch Room)

VJS Trading – Steeldive UK

UK Buyers > Take the hassle out of buying a Steeldive watch and buy it from the official UK suppliers. It is possible to buy these watches direct from China and save a couple of £’s. However, the shipping and duty charges can be a little “random” and there’s little comeback if it arrives faulty. We would recommend sourcing your watch from the official Steeldive UK dealer >> VJS Trading. All these watches are held in UK stock and arrive with NO duty or additional shipping charges.

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“Branded” alternatives to Steeldive

There are two other brands that may appeal to customer’s looking at Steeldive products – Invicta and Orient. They are massively popular brands in Asia – known for their own quality and innovation, not simply “tribute” watches.

Invicta Divers Watches

The Invicta range of dive watches include the hugely popular Invicta Pro Diver and the 300m water resistant Invicta Grand Diver (both pictured below). Invicta Dive watches feature very good quality Japanese movements like the Miyota 8215 (Citizen owned) and the Seiko produced NH35 (automatic / hacking).

Orient Dive Watches

Orient watches are a wholly owned subsidiary company of Seiko Epson. All Orient dive watches use movements Made in Japan – in other words – great quality at a sensible price. The most popular from this brand are often referred to as the Orient Mako – a Rolex Submariner styled divers watch – and the Orient Kamasu. However, Orient themselves do NOT refer to these watches by those nicknames.

A final word of warning!

When you wear your Steeldive watch expect to be asked over and over – “where did you buy it? – I want one

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