Steeldive SD1969, V3, Black Rubber, NH35, AR Sapphire, Lume,1200m Diving,BNIB

🇬🇧 A Steeldive SD1969, V3, Black Rubber, NH35, AR Sapphire, Lume,1200m Diving,BNIB. This watch is available now for £360.74. The seller is located in Burnside, SA, Australia. The condition of this Divers Watch has been listed as “New with tags“. This watch is being sold by a seller with the user name “burnsidechrono“.

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Steeldive watches produce exceptional quality dive watches at prices that will surprise most watch fans. All their watches are tested for water resistancy and built from modern, high quality components. Unlike many other homage watches you can swim and even scuba in a Steeldive. Most models are powered by reliable movements like the automatic NH35 (made by Seiko). Steeldive produce excellent quality homage watches. Including – a Steeldive Tuna tribute, a Steeldive Ploprof Omega homage and a Steeldive Captain Willard homage to the Seiko Turtle

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