Seiko Skx007J

  • Brand : Seiko
  • Model : SKX007J
  • Price : £53.00
  • Selller : jockster2007
  • Condition : Used
  • Location : Solihull, United Kingdom
  • Ships to : United Kingdom
  • Sale by : auction
  • Bids : 8
  • Ends on : 2021-07-30 18:29:57
  • Time Remaining : 10 hours
  • Warranty : check listing
  • Certificate of Authenticity : check listing
  • Description : Seiko Skx007J
  • Parent Category : Seiko SKX007J watch for sale

This pre-owned Seiko SKX007J dive watch is for sale - Seiko Skx007J

More Pre-owned Seiko SKX007J (Japanese Domestic Market versions)

This very popular classic Seiko divers watch comes from our daily updated selection of Seiko SKX007J watches for sale. The Seiko SKX range has many variants and models and it’s worth doing some research before bidding online. The SKX007J models were made for the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market), and are considered superior, therefore, expect to pay a bit more for them. You may also notice two different variants – the Seiko SKX007J1 and the SKX007J2. We might be wrong here, but as far as we can gather the only difference is the strap. The SKX007J1 comes with a Z22 black rubber divers strap, the SKX007J2 a steel Jubilee bracelet. All models feature a BLACK dial and BLACK bezel.

Official Website : – Prospex range

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