Seiko Orange Monster Skx781 (Gen 1 Monster)

  • Brand : Seiko Prospex
  • Model : Monster
  • Price : £225.00
  • Selller : sparkykas
  • Condition : Used
  • Location : West Malling, United Kingdom
  • Ships to : United Kingdom
  • Sale by : auction
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  • Ends on : 2021-06-16 18:05:58
  • Time Remaining : 20 hours
  • Warranty : check listing
  • Certificate of Authenticity : check listing
  • Description : Seiko Orange Monster Skx781 (Gen 1 Monster)
  • Parent Category : Seiko Monster watch for sale

This Seiko Prospex Monster dive watch is avalable now

More pre-owned Seiko Prospex Monster dive watches

This watch comes from our selection of the best pre-owned Seiko Prospex Monster dive watches available now at Prospex stands for “Professional Specification”. Accordingly, in the Japanese market, the range holds the same prestige as many luxury Swiss watch brands.

Most popular Prospex PADI and Save the Ocean models

From the current range the most popular dive watch models are the PADI and Save the Ocean versions. The PADI range the Seiko Prospex PADI Samurai (SRPB99K1) and the Seiko PADI Turtle ( SRPA21K1 ) are very popular. From the Save the Ocean range most in demand are the Seiko Samurai Save the Ocean (SRPC93K1) and the Seiko Prospex Turtle Save The Ocean(SRPC91). Prices for these models range from £250 to £350 depending on condition and full set (box & papers)

Seiko Prospex Street Tuna and Monster range

For those looking for a robust watch that looks just as good on the street as it does in the water Seiko have the Street Tuna range. We also have the Seiko Monster range – affectionately nicknamed the ‘Monster’ by Seiko fans because the bezel resembles the open mouth of a monster baring its teeth.

Official Website : – Prospex range

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