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The history of the Seiko Diving watches goes back to 1965 with their very first model. From then on Seiko have lead the way in innovation, design technology, materials and style. You may have already looked at the professional diver’s Seiko Tuna and Captain Willard’s favourite, the Seiko Turtle. Here we look at the origins of the Seiko SKX009 and Seiko SKX007 dive watches. We also direct you to the best eBay stores to purchase a new or vintage restored SKX007 or SKX009

Introduction to the SKX007 and SKX009

Of all the Seiko dive watches that have ever graced our wrists & oceans – the Seiko SKX007 and Seiko SKX009 are two of the most popular. This short history of the Seiko SKX009 Pepsi and SKX007 tells us they were first introduced in 1996. At the time no one could have predicted their success and longevity. All models incorporated the Seiko 7S26 automatic (self winding) movement. Older models can be identified by their 150m water resistancy, newer ones were certified to a depth of 200m.

Quality since 1965 – the DNA of diver’s watches

The quality of the SKX models was determined in their DNA (2). Inheriting important features from some very well respected predecesors like the Seiko 6309 and the Seiko 6105 – all-time classic dive watches. If you’re new to these classic diver watches please browse through our short history of the Seiko Dive Watch – starting with the Seiko 6217-8000 in 1965 and the 6105-8000 in 1968

Seiko SKX009 for sale right now!

There are dozens of new & used Seiko SKX009 watches for sale right now. All purchases are covered by the comprehensive eBay Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t get what you ordered or there’s a problem, eBay will help get your money back or an alternative resolution.

Our complete collection of Seiko SKX009 for sale

Seiko SKX009 (aka Seiko Pepsi)

The most popular of all the Seiko dive watches is the Seiko SKX009 shown below. Made famous by it then unique, now often copied “Pepsi” red and blue dive time bezel. Available with either a steel bracelet or the more popular rubber divers strap – shown below. When looking to buy a pre-owned model it is useful to know the age of the watch. You can use this Seiko Retro watch age guide to find out the year of manufacture from the serial number

Seiko SKX009 dive watch with Pepsi blue & red bezel and rubber divers strap

ISO 6425 – certified 200m water resistancy

The Seiko SKX009 has proved popular over decades for many reasons. It’s a proper diver’s watch with an ISO 6425 rating to 200m. It features a uni-directional bezel and protected / recessed screw in crown. Most popular are the versions with the black rubber diving strap as shown in these images.

21 Jewels – self winding – non-hacking – quick set date

It is easy to recognise this very popular automatic divers watch by it’s distinctive red & blue bezel. We often refer to this model as the Seiko Pepsi. Introduced in 1996 both the SKX009 and it’s all black sibling, the Seiko SKX007 incorporated Seiko’s Calibre 7S26 automatic movement. A reliable mechanical movement featuring 21 jewels – running at 21,600bph. The 7S26 is non-hacking with quick set day & date.

  • NON-HACKING means you cannot STOP the seconds hand. More recent movements can be STOPPED (HACKED) to allow for more accurate time setting.
  • QUICK SET DATE was a massive jump forward in watch technology. To set the date on a traditional movement the owner had to turn the hands through EVERY DAY to reach the desired date. With a QUICK SET date the day and date can be set by pulling the crown HALFWAY out and rotating it. One way normally does DATE the other direction adjusts the DAY of the week. NOTE – be sure to do this with the time set between 8am and 8pm. It is possible to DAMAGE the movement if the quick set date is adjusted when the time is near the AUTOMATIC date change hours – eg 10pm and 2am.

If ever there was a Seiko dive watch for the people – this is it. A Seiko Diving Watch like those sold here should provide years of trouble free timekeeping and water resistancy. However, it’s a good idea to get it serviced every 4 or 5 years – especially if using it for scuba diving.

A few examples of SKX009 sold recently on eBay

Seiko SKX009 / SKX007 from a Trusted Partner

Edward Terry trades on eBay as EddieFudge and is one of our TRUSTED PARTNERS. His speciality for several years has been the resale of refurbished vintage dive watches in particular Seiko SKX009 and SKX007 models. For those who want to buy from a seller based in the UK with the comfort of eBay’s comprehensive Money Back Guarantee shopping with Eddie makes sense.

Seiko SKX dive watches recently sold by Eddie

Below is a selection of Seiko SKX dive watches for sale or recently sold by Eddie. As you can see he starts the auctions VERY LOW and sometimes a lucky buyer will get an absolute bargain. Remember – these are refurbished and modified vintage Seiko watches. Most are NOT suitable for diving but the majority are 50m water resistant, fine for showering etc. However, there are some, like the Seiko Starry Night below, that have been tested to 200m WR. Everyone one is an affordable, fun and unique watch.

Professionally Refurbished, Serviced & Water Resistance Tested Seiko Diver – Truly Beautiful.

Eddie Fudge

(*prices shown are active AUCTION prices – start, middle or end)

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What to pay for a pre-owned J version – Made in Japan

Prices for this model vary greatly and depend on several factors. Condition and provenance aside – the next biggest influencer on price is specific model. Expect to pay more for the JDM versions – originally produced for the Japanese Domestic Market. These models are the J1 and J2 versions with “Made in Japan” on the watch’s dial. For the purist collector of Seiko Divers Watches it has to be a an SKX009J(1 or 2). Unfortunately, that means you can expect to pay well over £250 to purchase one. Pristine models sell for £350 on a good day (for the seller that is..).

A cheaper option – the K version – made in Malaysia

However, the average watch fan may be happy with an 009K version. These versions produced “elsewhere” are often considerably cheaper, sometimes selling for less than £150. The K1 and K2 assembled in factories outside of Japan (Malaysia maybe). Remember to keep an eye out for modified versions – people sometimes add an aftermarket dial signed “Made in Japan” to an 009K and pass it off as an 009J

SKX009 Specification

  • SKX009J/J1/J2 – JDM versions with “Made in Japan” between 5 and 7 o’clock
  • SKX009K/K1/K2 – non-Japanese models. Possibly made in Malaysia. Expect to pay LESS for these models
  • Movement: Seiko 7S26 Automatic (self-winding, non-hacking, quickset date)
  • Case: Brushed stainless steel, 43mm x 13mm
  • Lug width: 22mm
  • Luminescence: Lumibrite
  • Dial: Black
  • Bezel: Black
  • Lens: Hardlex Mineral
  • Back: Engraved with screw-in back
  • Band: Stainless Steel with clasp or Rubber divers
  • Water Resistant: 200 meters
  • Warranty: 2 Years (at time of sale)

More Seiko SKX007 / SKX009 for sale

We also recommend Gears and Springs as another TRUSTED PARTNER for Seiko diver’s watches. This seller generally has more than 20 x SKX dive watches for sale each week. They have all been professionally refurbished / modified. Many have aftermarket dials and hands. All have been water resistancy tested to 30m – meaning SPLASH PROOF only. Please note – as this seller is on and ships from Manila their listing are in US$ so make sure you know what the exchange rate to GB£’s is and take in to consideration the chance of import duty (about 20%) > visit Gears & Springs LIVE feed

I want to know more – take me to Gear & Springs Collection

Video reviews of the SKX009

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Seiko SKX007 Divers Watch

Slightly less popular than the Seiko SKX009 is the Seiko SKX007. Mechanically identical – the only difference in the two models is the watch dial and bezel colour. They are both powered by the super reliable Seiko 7S26 automatic movement. Everything technical mentioned above regarding the SKX009 also relates to the SKX007

Seiko SKX007 dive watch with black & white bezel and rubber divers strap
Seiko SKX007 dive watch with black bezel

The SKX007 has an all black watch face and an all black dial – with no differentiator at the 20 minute mark (something designed to help control ascent time when returning to the surface).

What to pay for a SKX007J or SKX007K

Collectors are always looking for the elusive untouched, non-modified, all original Japanese model. Prices for a pre-owned SKX007 vary widely. It’s what comes after the “7” that will determine the price. Expect to pay in the region of £150 to £250 for a nice example of a Seiko SKX007K1 or SKX007K2. The “K” versions were produced in Malaysia. Sellers may ask as much as 50% more for a genuine SKX007J model – that’s a watch made in Japan aka JDM versions.

For an authentic pre-owned SKX007J expect to pay between £200 and £350 depending on specific condition. Shoppers may notice SKX007J1 and SKX007J2 variants – what’s the difference? Well, as far as we are aware it’s simply the J1 versions are mounted on the Seiko Z22 black rubber divers strap, the J2 variant comes on the Jubiless bracelet (please tell us if we’re wrong)

Seiko SKX007 watches available now

There are dozens of new & used Seiko SKX007 watches for sale here. Click the button below for a filtered selection of the best Seiko SKX007 available today. All purchases are covered by the comprehensive eBay Money Back Guarantee 💰🔁. If you don’t get what you ordered or there’s a problem, eBay will help get your money back or an alternative resolution.

Browse our collection of Seiko SKX007 for sale

Gallery of recent SKX007 sold on eBay

What’s with all the SKX “mods”

Keep an eye out for undeclared modified versions. A seller may sometimes install a “Made in Japan” aftermarket dial to an SKX007K and sell it as an SKX007J – that’s fine as long as the buyer is fully aware of what they are actually purchasing

SKX007 Specification

  • SKX007J/J1/J2 – JDM versions with “Made in Japan” between 5 and 7 o’clock. Expect to pay 25-50% more for these Japanese models.
  • SKX007K/K1/K2 – non-Japanese models. Possibly made in Malaysia.
  • Movement: Seiko Calibre 7S26 Automatic (self-winding, non-hacking, quickset date)
  • Case: Brushed stainless steel, 43mm x 13mm
  • Lug width: 22mm
  • Luminescence: Lumibrite
  • Dial: Black
  • Bezel: Black
  • Lens: Hardlex Mineral
  • Back: Engraved with screw-in back
  • Band: Stainless Steel with clasp or Rubber divers
  • Water Resistant: 200 meters
  • Warranty: 2 Years (at time of sale)

Water Resistancy – 150m or 200m

The original SKX dive watches were rated to 150m. Latter versions have an improved rating of 200m. But remember – if you plan to scuba-dive with a modified SKX 007/009 – it MUST have been pressure tested. If in doubt ask for a water-resistancy report from the seller or at least written assurance it will not leak.

Video Review – One Year with my Seiko SKX007

Boosty – I absolutely love this watch and it is my go to for many occasions…..


Modified SKX diver’s watches

There are many used versions online with non-genuine bezel, watch glass, straps and even hands. These often sell for quite a lot less than a genuine condition model. They might look great – but are they as good as the non-modified genuine models?

A highly modified Seiko SKX009 Divers 200m watch
A highly modified Seiko SKX009 – make your own mind up

The most popular components changed on the SKX009 / SKX007 modifications are hands, hour markers, watch glass, bezel and dial. You can find SKX dive watches that have been modified to look like Rolex, Tudor, Omega and many other luxury dive watch brands.

SKX Mods Video

Lume Shot – Seiko “Stargate” dial with Sumo hands & another featuring an SKX 171 dial


If you found this page via a search engine – please visit our generic Seiko Divers watch history page for more information on all Seiko Prospex Divers watches since 1965. There’s general information on all iconic styles from Japan’s leading manufacturer of quality dive watches. If you are in the market for a new watch then please browse the hundreds of Seiko Diving Watches for sale here.

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