SEIKO Vintage Diver Watch 7002-7001 Classic 6105 Dial Automatic + 9 STRAPS!!!

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Seiko Automatic – an introduction

Of all the Seiko ISO rated dive watches the Seiko Dive watches with Automatic movements are the most desirable. There are literally dozens of models utilising the automatic movement – the most well known being the classic Seiko SKX009 (Pepsi) and the Seiko SKX007 (both featuring the Seiko 7S26 movement)

The Seiko SKX007 with 7S26 Automatic movement

What is an AUTOMATIC watch movement

An automatic watch movement – like the calibre 7S26 featured in the SKX009 & SKX007 – is a mechanical movement continually wound by the natural movement of the wrist opposed to specific daily winding.

Simply put, every time your wrist moves a semi-circular rotor spins – in effect – winding the watch’s mainspring. The movement does not have to be forced, it works from natural gestures expressed throughout the day. Most Seiko automatic watches also allow for “hacking” – the manual winding of the watch to give it a headstart.

The Calibre 7S26 - with 21 jewels  self winding

If the watch hasn’t been moved for a day or two it will stop running. To restart the watch simply wave it back and forth for a minute of two, or, if it features the hacking feature, unscrew the crown and give it 10 to 20 winds (back and forth)

Expect to pay….

Expect to pay anywhere in the region of £200 to £3,000 depending on the precise model. It’s a little confusing with such a big range in prices. Be careful not to buy an OVER-PRICED model.

Take time to research the specific model you are interested in. Check if it is availabe NEW in BOX from Amazon, WatchShop, JuraWatches etc. I have seen £250 brand new watches selling on eBay for £400 – oversold, referred to as RARE etc. Please do your research. If it’s an SKX007 or SKX009 (and everyone should own one of these beauties) expect to pay £150 for a clean but not immaculate one. If you can pick one up for less than £100 – you’ve done well.

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