Recommended shopping partners for Pre-owned LUXURY watches

Established online stores

To help our visitors avoid the risk of buying a FAKE WATCH we have joined forces with three pre-owned watch specialists. PLEASE visit these partners for complete peace of mind when buying a pre-owned luxury watch. Scroll down for more information or simply click the logos or links below. Visitors wishing to purchase a brand NEW watch are directed to our preferred authorised dealers – Goldsmiths

Chronext UK experts in quality assured pre-owned watches

What started off as a small room with 2 desks has developed into an international company full of passionate people who share a love of fine timepieces. CHRONEXT combine the ease and convenience of the internet with first-class service of an offline boutique, many years of experience in the watch industry and guaranteed security by opening up the world of luxury watches to a wider audience. Their trading platform with guided customer service ensures that you are able to find the perfect watch for you through our wide selection of over 7,000 models.

We pride ourselves in our service that meets the highest standards. With a finely crafted watch generally not being your everyday purchase, our team of specialists are here to ensure that your experience at CHRONEXT, be it to buy, sell or trade-in, is effortless and enjoyable. A wide selection of exquisite brands also means independence in providing you with impartial guidance on choosing your watch.

Jurawatch – authorised dealer for several Swiss watch brands

Jurawatch is another long term shopping partner of Chronodivers. We have personally bought watches from the team at C.W Sellors and highly recommend their services for Oris, TAG, Bremont, Breitling, Seiko, Bell & Ross and many more luxury watch brands – shop now at Jurawatch

Avoid buying a fake watch

Avoid the potential of buying a FAKE watch by purchasing from established / authorised dealers with high street branches around the UK. We strongly recommend checking prices with our shopping partners from the links above.ChronoDivers is in no way responsible for the authenticity of the watches we list on this website.

But don’t be put off

Buying a used luxury dive watch can be fun if you take some precautions. I have bought several watches from eBay including an Omega Speedmaster and Breitling Airwolf. In both occassions I re-sold the watches for more money than I originally bought them. I could prove their provenance & authenticity and highlighted that fact when selling them

Confidence builders

Do some research before buying an expensive used watch. Visit a local jeweller and inspect the model closely. The better you know the product – the more confident you can be in spotting a fake. Take note of minor details such as :

  • hour, minute & second hand details – shape, design & luminous marking style
  • hour markers – design, shape, size and application
  • bezel design – check the numbers etched, printed, recessed – check the unidirectional functionality and even the “click sound”
  • caseback design – some brands have intricate designs etched in to the caseback – others are completely clear of markings
  • does it have serial numbers – if so get to know what to expect
  • crown detail (often logo’d)
  • wording on watch face (detail, clarity, application technique)
  • weight and overall tactile feel of the watch

Get to be an expert on the specific brand and model. Watch videos on YouTube – there are actually some really good one’s regarding specific fakes on the market. We’ve added a video at the end of this article – Spotting a Fake Rolex

Time to go shopping

So now you know what the genuine article should look and feel like. It’s time to start looking on eBay and other second hand watch websites. Check for the following points to help prove the authenticity of the watch and build confidence in the seller

  • Original purchase receipt
  • Warranty card signed / stamped by an authorised store
  • Original box(es) – inner and outer
  • Original manuals
  • Spare links
  • A healthy eBay Seller rating – check for 100% feedback and 100+ sales
  • Location – check the item is located in your region
  • Ask the seller some probing questions – expect detailed and enthusiastic replies

Warning Signs – walk away

If the item does not come with all of the above confidence builders and any of the warning signals listed below – WALK AWAY. There’s plenty of genuine products out there – just wait for another one to come on sale

  • No papers – often sold as WATCH ONLY
  • Description is vague and does not give any provenance details
  • The seller has less than 100 or more sales on eBay
  • The seller answers your questions with vague, uninformed replies

I have seen watches listed on eBay something like this …. “For sale – a Rolex Submariner – watch in gold and blue. Worth over £20k. I need to sell as I’ve got a baby on the way. Grab a bargain” …. No way ! Walk Away from this one

Spotting a Fake Rolex

This video was produced by If you want to take the risk out of buying a used luxury brand watch then we recommend I bought my current Bremont from Watchfinder

Our disclaimer – is in no way responsible for the authenticity of any watches sold on eBay. We try our best to filter out suspicious listings wherever possible – however, inevitably and unfortunately fakes will sometimes get through. If you are in any doubt of your personal skills at identifying a fake – please buy from a reputable / authorised dealer.