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Orient Dive Watches - a look at the Orient divers watch collection

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There is a very good reason why Orient Dive Watches are so popular. Owned by Seiko Epson and made in Japan their high quality and low prices offer FANTASTIC value for money. Built to keep up with your active lifestyle, the ORIENT Sports watch collection brings form and function together with its attractive design. ChronoDivers takes a deep dive into their watches including a review of their key functions & features. We also consider some of the best places to buy an Orient Dive Watch.

When researching this brand it did get a little confusing. Everyone else seems to refer to their most popular dive watch model as the Orient Mako. This so called “Orient Mako” is now in it’s 3rd generation – most popular being the Orient Mako XL (44.5mm) and the Orient Mako III. However, it’s not an official product name and it doesn’t even appear on Orient’s website. It’s all a bit confusing but it’s the same with Seiko dive watches – they have the Seiko Tuna, Turtle, Pepsi etc – none of which are official product names.

The Orient Watch Company

Orient Watch Company is a Japanese watch brand that has been producing quality timepieces for over 70 years. They have a range of diver’s watches that are highly regarded among watch enthusiasts and divers alike. The actually trade under TWO brand names – Orient and Orient Star. Orient Star is their collection of high end products using better quality materials.

Orient Ray – 200 meters WR

One of the most popular diver’s watches from Orient is the Orient Ray. The Orient Ray is a stylish and reliable watch that features a 41mm stainless steel case, a unidirectional rotating bezel, and a day/date function. The watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters and is powered by an automatic movement.

Orient Mako – great value

Another popular model from Orient is the Orient Mako. Like the Ray, the Mako is a robust and stylish watch that is also water-resistant up to 200 meters. It features a stainless steel case, a rotating bezel, and a day/date function. The Mako is powered by an automatic movement and is a great value for its price.

Best Orient Dive Watches

If you are in the market for a genuine high quality divers watch, similar to that offered by Tissot or Longines, then consider the Orient Star 200m Automatic Divers Watch as shown below. Powered by a Seiko automatic 22 jewels movement beating at 21,600 bph. This quality timepiece is certified 200m water resistant and features a sapphire crystal and a 50 hours power reserve.

Excellent Value for Money

Overall, Orient watches are known for their quality, reliability, and affordability. Their diver’s watches are no exception and are highly regarded by both amateur and professional divers. If you’re in the market for a diver’s watch, Orient is definitely worth considering.

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Orient vs Orient Star

Orient watches are generally considered to be more affordable and entry-level timepieces, with a focus on offering good value for the price. They feature reliable Japanese movements, solid build quality, and a range of styles and designs.

Orient Star watches, on the other hand, are considered to be a higher-end line within the Orient brand. They feature more advanced movements, such as the in-house caliber 40N5A movement, which offers greater accuracy and a longer power reserve. Orient Star watches also feature more refined designs and higher-quality materials, such as sapphire crystals and premium leather straps.

In summary, while both Orient and Orient Star watches offer good quality and value for the price, Orient Star watches are generally considered to be a more premium line within the brand, with higher-end features and materials.

A selection of current Orient 200m Diver models

Similar to Invicta watches – Orient are best known for just a handful of watches – primarily those we all call the “MAKO” – except for Orient themselves that is. However – there an ever developing brand with a huge range of sports watches. With over 100 watches certified to 200m water resistancy the choice is huge and varied. We’ve just added a few below to give some idea of their diversity.

All the watches above come under the less expensive “Orient Watches “brand. For superior quality look for the “Orient Star” brand.

Orient 200m Sports / Dive Watch

This is one of their most popular sports watches incorporating the distinctive features of professional dive watch. Everything you’d expect to find on a timepiece that’s been designed to be worn at depth. Featuring a uni-directional rotating bezel and a dial that’s been designed with high visibility in mind. 

This model comes in a 44mm marine grade stainless steel case. As with most their sports watches it’s water resistant to 200m. Inside you’ll find one of their own in-house automatic (self-winding) watch movements. This particular model comes in various colours with either a steel bracelet or rubber dive watch strap.

  • Case size (3H-9H): 43.6mm
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Water Resistance 200m
  • Automatic Self-Winding: Yes
  • Jewels: 22 Jewels
  • Vibration: 21,600 vibrations/1 hour
  • Hand Winding: Yes
  • Movement: Mechanical
  • Caliber Code: Cal.F6922 Made in Japan

The model above comes under the following product codes: RA-AA0914E (green), RA-AA0008B (all black), RA-AA0009L (all blue), RA-AA0010B (black & rubber strap), RA-AA0011B (black dial / red bezel)

Orient watches discovered on eBay

eBay* is a great place to go to check a) the current prices of a specific watch and b) to see what the watch looks like in the “real world”. Most product photos on eBay are taken with great care to best represent the watch. You get to see what it really looks like (not a computer enhanced brochure photo). All the watches shown below have been sold recently on eBay. These watches were selected as they give the Orient newbie a good feel for the range and the various styles and models.

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History Timeline

This is a brand often overlooked in the UK and USA for no obvious reason. It’s a brand with a long and innovative history. We’ve just highlighted two such innovations below – their Fineness Ultramatic and their brilliant Multi Year Calendar watch. Their website gives a clear insight in to the thinking behind the brand.

From the beginning, we have pursued a single mission: To offer high-quality, attainable timepieces with enduring style. Our heritage is rooted in craftsmanship, reliability, precision and beauty that stand the test of time … Each passing second is an opportunity to make your life memorable and unique. An ORIENT watch marks every moment along your journey.


ORIENT was launched on July 1950. They started by renting the former Toyo Tokei Co., Ltd. Hino factory. In no time at all – they began producing wristwatches in that same year 1950

Slimline Orient Fineness 1967

This is one of their milestone watches. The Orient Fineness is an automatic day-date watch. At the time (1967-74) it was one of the slimmest automatic Japanese-made watches. This was a period when thin dress watches were extremely popular. It had thinnest movement of any other ORIENT watch. This was achieved using miniaturized parts and minimized space between gears, and used a single-piece case construction with no separate case back.

The Orient Fineness ultramatic super slim dress watch from 1967

1976 Multi Year Calendar

If ever I see one of these on eBay or other market place I have to buy it. A brilliant innovation and one of the most popular ORIENT watches ever created. This is the Orient Multi Year Calendar watch – first produced in 1976. The unique calendar function shows days 1 to 31 printed on the watch dial. The clever mechanical movement only requires one adjustment per month to bring the Day of the Week in line with the date for that particular month. A brilliant design – only problem is – you need good eyesight to read the date numbers on the dial.

The Orient 1976 Multi Year Calendar watch

Value for money alternatives

Customers who appreciate the quality and value for money of Orient watches should also consider Invicta dive watches and Citizen (both also manufactured in Japan). Invicta have a watch making legacy that goes back to 1837. Most their watches feature quality Japanese movements produced by either TMI and SII. Most popular are the Invicta Grand Diver and Invicta Pro Diver

Example of an Invicta 200m Diver's watch - click for more details

Citizen is another brand that deserves a mention. Often wrongly seen as a cheaper alternative to Seiko – Citizen dive watches are some of the very best analogue dive tools available. Their Citizen Promaster Aqualand watches feature an analogue depth meter powered by the super reliable Eco-Drive movement. Most popular are the Citizen Eco-Drive Diver’s 200m – generally available for under £200. For the mechanical purist, the Citizen Promaster Automatic dive watches.

Example of a Citizen 200m Automatic Divers Watch - click for more details



Is Orient Watch worth buying?

Yes, Orient dive watches are generally considered to be good value for money. They offer reliable Japanese movements, solid build quality, and a range of features at a relatively affordable price point. While not as well-known as some other brands, Orient has a strong reputation among watch enthusiasts for producing high-quality timepieces.

Is Orient Watch owned by Seiko?

Orient watches are owned by Seiko Epson Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Seiko Holdings Corporation. Seiko acquired Orient in 2009 and has since expanded its production and distribution around the world. However, Orient remains a distinct brand within the Seiko group and continues to produce its own unique designs and models.

Which is better Orient or Seiko?

Orient and Seiko are both respected Japanese watch brands with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Seiko is generally considered to be the more established and well-known of the two, with a wide range of watches that cater to various budgets and tastes. Seiko watches are often praised for their durability, accuracy, and high-quality movements, and the brand has a long history of innovation in the watch industry.

Orient, on the other hand, is a more niche brand that focuses on producing affordable, reliable watches with a strong emphasis on design. Orient watches are known for their unique and eye-catching designs, and they offer good value for the price.

Ultimately, the choice between Orient and Seiko will depend on personal preferences and priorities, such as budget, design preferences, and desired features. Both brands have their own loyal fan bases and are known for producing high-quality timepieces.

Can you dive in an Orient Watch?

Many Orient watches, including some of their popular dive watch models, are designed to be water-resistant and suitable for diving. However, the specific water resistance rating and depth rating of an Orient watch can vary depending on the model. If you are looking for their best genuine Dive Watch we’d recommend the Orient Star 200m Divers watch with power reserve

If you’re planning on using an Orient watch for diving or other water activities, it’s important to check the watch’s specifications to ensure that it’s suitable for the depths you plan to reach. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintaining the water resistance of the watch, such as regularly checking and replacing the gaskets, and avoiding exposing the watch to extreme temperatures or chemicals.

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