We are often asked where we purchase the NATO watch straps featured on many of our favourite dive watches. The good news is we now sell them from our eBay store (HaskinsOfNorfolk). We’ve focused on the BEST QUALITY products made from 1.4mm heavy duty (but very soft) nylon. At Chronodivers we know our friends appreciate / expect only the the very best. Currently we only stock the most popular 22mm straps (will fit a majority of dive watches). If you need anything different – please contact us at Chronodivers.com

James Bond NATO watch straps

We have TWO versions in the now famous 007 colours. The modern version in black and grey and the original version in navy blue, green and red.

James Bond watch strap – MODERN

A high quality NATO (G10) nylon watch strap in modern James Bond colour scheme (black and grey). This version incorporates two grey stripes inside three black stripes and is often referred to by watch enthusiasts as the modern James Bond strap. We sell this version of the 007 strap from our eBay store here. This item is shipped from Norfolk, UK within 1 working day

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All the straps we sell are of the highest quality, made from a soft yet very strong nylon 1.4mm thick. The buckles are fabricated from a high grade brushed steel. All holes and endings are heat sealed to prevent fraying.

High quality stitching and brushed steel
  • Length (in total excluding end buckle) – 28cm / 11 inches
  • 13 pre-made (heat sealed) holes
  • Will fit wrists from 15.5cm to 22cm
  • Width – 22mm
  • Buckles – 2 above and 1 below (please refer to photos)

James Bond strap – original colours

I have to admit I have left this strap on my Bremont .. I love it. One of the best selling watch straps of all time. Incorporating navy blue, green and red, this nylon NATO (G10) watch strap is recognised by watch enthusiasts as the James Bond strap in the original colours is availabe HERE (eBay). This item is SOLD by us and shipped from Norfolk, UK within 1 working day.

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High quality 1.4mm soft, heavy duty nylon

Don’t lose your watch

NATO straps / G10 straps are favoured by the military, sports people and other active outdoor types because of the ONE PIECE strap design. If one of the watch’s spring bars fail the watch won’t actually fall from the wrist. It should remain attached to the strap by the one remaining spring bar. If a spring bar fails on a TWO piece strap – it’s bye bye Bremont

The 007 connection explained

The three coloured version was made famous by James Bond (actor Sean Connery) in Goldfinger in 1964. However, it’s unlikely it was actually a NATO strap as those didn’t really appear until the 1970’s. It was more probably a regular single piece nylon strap – but 007 fans embraced the 3 colour design. Since then it has been adopted by several James Bonds as has become somthing of an icon itself.

Why G10 strap?

Originally only available in MOD Admiralty Grey the G10 watch strap gets it’s name from a Ministry of Defence form. The G1098 was a form that needed completing if a soldier wanted to requisition one of these straps from stores.

Will it fit your watch

This strap is 22mm wide. If you don’t know the width of your lugs measure them with a ruler or even better some digital calipers. Measure from LUG to LUG – the area where the strap sits housing the spring bars. 22mm is a VERY COMMON width for men’s watches.

Important – FITTING instructions
On some watches where the gap between the spring bar and watch case is LESS than 1.5mm (about the thickness of the strap) it may be necessary to pop the spring bars out to fit the strap. Normally it is simply a case of sliding the strap under the two spring bars. However, if the gap is too tight you will have to remove the spring bars, position the strap, and refit the spring bars. If you FORCE the strap between the gap it is possible to damage the heat sealed holes. If in doubt – REMOVE the spring bars to install the strap. If the strap slides in without too much resitance that’s fine, no need to remove the bars, just pull it slowly through