Locosys GW-60 GPS Watch

Note from Tristan Haskins > GPS-speed.co.uk is officially closed. The website has been diverted here – CHRONODIVERS.com – a new venture of mine. I’m still windsurfing, but I’ve stopped selling the GPS units directly. Use the links below to buy the Locosys GW-60 GPS watch. Have fun, sail fast and stay safe 🙂

CHECK PRICE NOW >> – Amazon Locosys GW-60 GPS watch

Who wants to speedsail with a GPS unit strapped to their bicep more often hanging about your elbow and flapping around in the wind – not me ! Presenting the Locosys GW-60 GPS watch. Every GPS speedsailing feature found in the GT31 and GW-50 has been incorporated into this convenient WRIST WORN GPS-speedsurfing watch.

Wrist Worn GPS Speedsailing Watch

Introducing the Locosys GW-60 GPS sports watch. This robust and highly-refined wrist worn GPS sports tool is ideal for all speedsurfing sports. The GW-60 takes it’s place in a long line of established GPS devices used by the world’s best speedsailors. The GW-60 is the natural heir to the LOCOSYS’ Surfing GPS series including the GT-11, GT-31, GW-31, and GW-52.

The best Windsurf / Kiteboard Watch

It stores all the necessary parameters of speed and distance helping surfers optimise each run for maximum speed in each sailing session. The GW-60 is simple to operate and most importantly – it’s wrist worn and water resistant – no more armband Aquapacs required. The GW-60 has been developed in conjunction with speedsailors (windsurf and kiteboard) making it the obvious and reliable partner for all speedsailors. The clever “SPEED GENIE” mode records the maximum and average speed for EACH run – automatically displaying the data at the end of the run. The GW-60 also provides automatic recall of the top 10 x 10 second average speed runs (as well as top 10 max speeds). A useful feature – no disappointing shock when you upload to GPS-speedsurfing.com.

Buy Online

CHECK PRICE NOW >> – Amazon Locosys GW-60 GPS watch

I’m all for people supporting stores that are involved in our sport. I have seen them for sale in the UK at Poole Harbour Watersports and Puravida Board Riders as well as Amazon.co.uk . The team at GPS-speedsurfing.com sell the Locosys GW-60 worldwide offering excellent support and experience using this device. However – please click this LINK to check the price at Amazon 🙂

Windows & Mac compatible

The GW-60 has been developed to work with BOTH Windows PCs and Macbooks. For those wanting to view data via a dedicated user interface, Locosys have developed a Windows Utility. This is NOT available for Mac users – trust me – that’s NOT a problem.

GW-60 and Windows

Locosys have created this Windows Utility for gathering GPS data and viewing it in Google Earth. The GW-60 PC Utility is a little overly complicated for my liking but it does the job if that’s what you’re looking for. (It takes me back to the GT11 – I think that’s why we all prefered the SD Card approach of the GT31). Whether or not you plan to use the provided utility you MUST ensure you upload the latest driver and firmware available from the Locosys website.

Most people won’t need to use the Utility as they only want to extract the GPS data for upload to GPS-speedsurfing.com. Once the Windows driver has been installed it’s quite easy to connect the watch as an external memory device.

For BOTH Macbook and Windows users the watch has to be set in to USB/MSC mode (more detailes here from Seabreeze.com.au). Plug it in to the USB and you should see (via File Manager/Windows Explorer) “LOCOSYS_MSC” displayed as a USB drive in Windows Explorer – now simply “Cut/Copy” the file >GPSLOG.SBP< and Paste to a folder on your PC. This SBP file can now be renamed and uploaded to GPS-speedsurfing.com

More details on the utility can be found here > Locosys User Guide

GW-60 and Macbook

The Macbook user can connect the GW-60 directly to the Macbook using the supplied USB cable. For BOTH Macbook and Windows users the watch has to be set in to USB/MSC mode (more detailes here from Seabreeze.com.au) . The GW-60 can be found with other external storage devices. Download the SBP file to your desktop or other suitable folder, rename and upload to GPS-Speedsurfing.com

GW-60 Videos

How to upload a session with the GW-60 GPS to GPS-Speedsurfing.com

With the brand new GW-60 GPS uploading your session to GPS-Speedsurfing.com is so easy now… plug it in like a USB drive and use our enhanced web-uploader, your session will be uploaded in just seconds

How to upgrade the firmware on GW-60 GPS

Short video with detailed instructions how to upgrade your GW-60 GPS with the latest firmware from Locosys. After upgrading it can be connected as external USB device on both Mac and Windows machines

First go of the new Locosys GW-60

This watch has been in the making for some time after many windsurfers giving Locosys information on what they wanted the team at Locosys listened and came up with this new model and first impressions it seems to be just what we all wanted. Should be very useful for many other water sports with its very high GPS accuracy.

This video is about How to start your session with your GW-60

A short – How to start your session with your GW-60, the new Full Doppler GPS for GPS-Speedsurfing.com. GW-60 is a solid highly-refined and wearable GPS for gps-speedsurfing.com, it is the natural heir to the LOCOSYS’ Surfing GPS series (GT-11, GT-31 and GW-52). This makes the GW-60 the perfect GPS device for high-speeds sports like speedsurfing, kite-surfing, ice-sailing, motor & car-racing, karting and many many more !

In the past I used to sell GPS units and I’m proud to have supplied the older unit, the GT31, to the UK’s fastest sailors including, Dave White, Farrel O’Shea, Steve Thorp, Pete Young, Zara Davis, Jim Crossley, Stuart Trunkfield, Graham Clegg, Ian Richards, Bob Cunningham, Adam Gustafsson, Neil Hardwick, Mark Hayford, Pete Davis, Michael George, Darren Mathers, Paul Burgess, Chris Bates, Howard Rowson (“The Weatherman”), Paul Simmons and Mark Bailey. A name for future 50 knots plus is SCOTTY STALLMAN seen in action below.

Scotty Stallman – UK Speedsailor

Nowadays I sail for FUN and only get my speed kit out for big West Kirby days. The picture below was one of my quickest sessions squeezing 43 knots from a 40cm Moo Custom speed board and a Tushingham X15 slalom / speed sail. My YouTube Channel for Speedsurfing is still active

Tristan Haskins at West Kirby Marine Lake – 43 knots peak


For those interested in reading more about the GW-60 you may find these reference sites useful