Invicta Pro Diver & Invicta Grand Diver

The Invicta brand has a long history of watch making going back to 1837. Some of their range are officially certified as “SWISS MADE” featuring a high quality ETA Quartz movement. Here we look at their excellent Invicta Pro Diver and the 300m Grand Diver watch.

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The majority of their diver’s watch range are powered by reliable Japanese movements made by TMI and SII. One thing they all have in common – great value for money

An Introduction to Invicta Watches

Invicta is a watch company that offers a range of watches, including dive watches. The Invicta dive watches are popular among divers and watch enthusiasts for their durability, accuracy, and affordability. The brand is known for producing watches that have a classic look and feel, with a range of styles and colors to choose from.

200 meters Water Resistant

One of the key features of Invicta dive watches is their water resistance. Most of the models have a water resistance rating of at least 200 meters, which is suitable for recreational diving. The watches are also designed with scratch-resistant materials and durable straps, making them ideal for use in harsh underwater environments.

Where are Invicta Watches made?

Invicta watches are made in a variety of countries, including Japan, China, and Switzerland. However, some of their dive watches are manufactured in Switzerland, which is known for its high-quality watchmaking. These Swiss-made watches are typically more expensive than those made in other countries, but they also offer exceptional craftsmanship and precision.

Looking for Affordable Quality – that’s Invicta

In summary, Invicta dive watches are a good option for those looking for an affordable, reliable, and stylish dive watch. While some models are made in Switzerland, others are made in other countries such as Japan and China. Overall, Invicta is a reputable watch brand that offers a range of quality watches at affordable prices.

Where to Buy an Invicta Dive Watch

Discover a collection of Invicta dive watches on eBay today. Click the banner below to browse the latest offerings. This is a direct link to eBay with filtered results to show only the best Invicta Grand Diver and Pro Diver watches on the market today.

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Invicta Pro Diver – Japanese design & build quality

ChronoDivers’ primary aim is to introduce visitors to the best dive watches on the market, across all budget ranges. We have included the Invicta dive watch collection as they go above and beyond with regard to both quality and value for money.

One of their best selling dive watch collections are the Invicta Pro Diver models (shown below). There’s no hiding the fact they’re very much tributes to the Rolex Submariner – right down to the “Mercedes” style hour hand. However – unlike a cheap “copy” watch – the Invicta Pro is built to the highest standards of Japanese manufacturer. The Pro Diver is genuinely 200m water resistant – so it’s fine for use while scuba diving. We have personal experience of these watches – so impressed in fact – we added them to our list of the best budget dive watches.

Attention to detail including 40 hour power reserve

It’s attention to detail that makes Invicta watches stand out from similar low price dive watches. The best value for money models feature the automatic self winding movement with a 40 hour power reserve. The back of these watches is just as good as the front. Flip it over to reveal an attractive see through “exhibition” caseback. Invicta know that their watches look just as good inside as the do outside – so why not show it off.

Invicta on Amazon

Definitely a place to look if thinking of buying a brand new Invicta. The brand has a STORE embedded directly in to Amazon > click the button below to go directly to the INVICTA STORE on Amazon for a first class experience.

A sample of Invicta Pro Diver watches currently available. These are the “traditional” models designed as a tribute to the classic Rolex Submariner. But don’t be lead to believe this is just a “copy shop” brand – nowhere near. The second set of watches are just a few samples showing Invicta’s diversity and originality. These watches still go under the PRO DIVER model name and, as such, they can all be relied on when the going gets wet. All of the watches shown below are certified to 200m water resistancy.

Rolex Submariner styling
Still Pro Divers – but different styles
Invicta Dive Watches discovered recently

eBay has hundreds of Invicta watches for sale every day. It’s a great place to buy one – IF – we repeat IF – you know specifically what you’re looking for. We’ve seen secondhand models sell for almost DOUBLE the price of a brand new one from Amazon or Certainly take a look at what’s one offer on eBay – but make sure you have a good idea of model numbers and prices being getting to engrossed in a bidding war. All the watches shown below have been sold on eBay recently.

Scroll up this page to see what’s been listed in the last couple of days.

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Invicta Grand Diver – 300m WR

One step up the range ladder is the very popular Invicta Grand Diver with certified water resistancy tested to 300m. Invicta have a watch for everyone covering both automatic (self winding mechanical) and cheaper quartz (battery movement).

The Grand Diver range is forever being improved and added to. We’ve selected just three of the current range. As you can see – Invicta have no problem making their watches stand out from the crowd. Don’t be surprised when you wearing your Grand Diver if someone approaches and asks what it is, where you got it – and how much did it cost. You’ll probably have to repeat the last answer a couple of times.

This brand deserve their successes – they have striven for quality and affordability for many years. This is a watch you can wear with pride in the knowledge that it been certified to a dive depth of 300m!

Grand Diver on Amazon

Definitely a place to look if thinking of buying a brand new Invicta. The brand has a STORE embedded directly in to Amazon > click the button below to go directly to the INVICTA STORE on Amazon for a first class experience.

A real world affordable Diver’s Watch

Remember – these watches have been designed as practical diver’s watches. With that in mind they feature a unidirectional dive time bezel with single click minute marks. They are highly luminous offering good visibility underwater and in the dark. All the Invicta PRO DIVER models are certified to 200m water resistancy – with the GRAND DIVER reaching 300m.

Invicta Watches FAQs

Are Invicta watches high end?

Invicta watches are not typically considered high-end timepieces. They are generally mid-range in terms of price and quality, although some of their higher-end models may approach the level of luxury watches. Ultimately, the perception of Invicta watches as high-end may vary depending on individual preferences and standards.

Is Invicta a knock off of Rolex?

No, Invicta watches are not considered to be fake Rolex watches. While some Invicta models may resemble certain Rolex designs, they are distinct and separate brands with their own unique styles and features. Invicta watches are not counterfeit or imitations of Rolex timepieces.

Do Invicta manufacture good watches?

Invicta produces a wide range of watches at various price points, and the quality can vary depending on the model. Overall, Invicta watches are generally considered to be of decent quality and offer good value for the price. However, opinions on the quality of Invicta watches may vary depending on personal preferences and standards. It is the honest opinion of the team at ChronoDivers that the AUTOMATIC models offer fantastic value for money. The quartz models are priced accordingly.

Does Invicta Pro Diver glow in dark?

Yes, many Invicta Pro Diver watches feature luminous markers and hands that glow in the dark. This allows for easy reading of the time in low-light conditions. The specific type and duration of the luminescence may vary depending on the model of the Invicta Pro Diver watch.

Is the Invicta Grand Diver really 300 metres water resistant

Many Invicta Grand Diver watches are advertised as having a water resistance rating of 300 meters (990 feet). However, it’s important to note that this rating is based on laboratory testing conducted under ideal conditions, and actual water resistance may be affected by factors such as temperature, pressure, and exposure to chemicals.

Additionally, wear and tear on the watch over time can impact its water resistance. It’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintaining water resistance and to avoid exposing the watch to water if it’s not intended to be used for diving or other water activities.

Best Budget Alternatives from Orient & Citizen

Customers who appreciate the quality and value for money of Invicta watches should also consider Orient watches and Citizen watches (also manufactured in Japan). 

An Orient Mako XL – a nice alternative to an Grand Diver

Orient have some very popular models offering terrific value for money. Most popular in their dive watch range are the Orient MakoOrient Mako 2 and Orient Mako 3. Most of their watches are assembled in Japan to super high quality standards. The better models feature their own in-house Caliber F6922 automatic self winding movement. If you’re not familiar with this established brand take a look – you won’t be disappointed.

Orient Mako XL II Automatic RA-AA0011B19B Herren-Taucheruhr - NEU | OVP
Alternative to an Invicta dive watch? – a Citizen Promaster Automatic

Citizen is another brand that deserves a mention. Often wrongly seen as a cheaper alternative to Seiko – Citizen Promaster dive watches are some of the very best analogue dive tools available. Their Citizen Aqualand dive watches feature an analogue depth meter powered by the super reliable Eco-Drive movement.

Citizen Automatic Marine Men's Diver Sports Watch NH8380-15E

Most popular are the Citizen Eco-Drive Diver 200 – generally available for under £200. For the mechanical purist there’s the Citizen Promaster Automatic. This includes models like the Citizen NY0085, NY0040 and NY0100. You can still find some of the classic Citizen 8203 automatic divers watches. Similar to the Seiko SKX009 (Pepsi) and the Seiko SKX007 these were produced from the late 1970’s through to 1999.

Steeldive Homage Watches

If you’re interested in the best quality homage watches then please give Steeldive some thought. They produce some of the best tributes to many of the iconic dive watches including a stunning Rolex Hulk homage, an Omega PloProf tribute and a range of classic Seiko dive watches – Steeldive have something for everyone. If you like your dive watch to have a back story – then consider the Seiko Turtle homage – made famous in the Apocalypse Now moview. If you’re in the UK, then please support Steeldive UK dealer (VJS Ltd).

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