Homage Watches from Trusted Stores

ChronoDivers are massive watch fans. As such we are 100% against FAKES. A fake is a watch trying to pass itself off as something it is not. A fake watch will be branded with a luxury label logo. The watches listed below from Bliger, Tandorio, Corgeut and Parnis are all HOMAGE WATCHES – they make no claim to be anything else – simply a tribute to a classic design

Most of these tribute timepieces take their design DNA from well known Swiss luxury watches. We must stress, they are NOT fake watches. What these homage watches offer is amazing value for money and modern movement reliability. A majority of those we have tested take their power from modern reliable automatic movements like the automatic Seiko NH35 & similar from Miyota.

Invicta – Steeldive & San Martin

We have personal experience of several leading brands in the homage marketplace. These three respected brands have their own space on ChronoDivers to give visitors a better feel for the range of products on offer. For Seiko tributes like the Captain Willard Homage and Tuna Tribute go no further than Steeldive. For Rolex Submariner homage pop over to the Invicta range – a brand with their own unique designs but some of the best Submariner tributes available. And last but by no means least – we introduce San Martin. Their range of Rolex tributes include a Submariner Hulk tribute, a Submariner Smurf homage and a beautiful vintage Submariner Sean Connery style.

Parnis – GMT & Explorer homage watches

My first experience of a homage watch was a Parnis GMT automatic. I was so impressed by it that I decided to dedicate a page of this website to them and the seller I bought it from. If you want a daily wearer that you don’t mind getting scratched, splashed or dirty – take a look at the many designs on offer from Parnis.

Parnis Homage watch examples

As with the Tandorio watches below, all the Parnis watches we have experienced feature a self winding (automatic) movement with fast set date and hacking functionality. Recently they have started to produce watches with genuine water resistancy ratings of 50m, 100m, 200m and even 300m.

(*prices correct when published)

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We have tested these watches in the Bergeon 5555/98 and confirm they are 30m water resistant, so fine for light showering but NOT guaranteed for swimming / bathing. However – 1 year on and mine is still taking a battering with no adverse effect. We also tested them with a Weishi 1900 and was amazed at the accuracy (see video below this gallery)

Video review of a Parnis GMT automatic “dive” watch

1 Year On – Parnis GMT II still ticking

The Parnis GMT is my go to daily better. When I want a watch that looks dressy and smart for holiday I leave my Bremont at home and take the GMT with me. I’ve worn it on three holidays. Swimming in the pool and sea each time (not scuba, just surface swimming). When buying any homage DIVERS WATCH please check for 50m water resistancy. It won’t be good for scuba diving but it’s fine for swimming.

Bliger – affordable homage watches

Bliger are one of the best known brands in the homage / tribute watch business. Their watches are made in China and Hong Kong to excellent levels of quality control. Their main attraction is their low prices. A good Bliger watch can be bought for less than £70 with free delivery to the UK. They have focused on tributes to some of the most recognisable Rolex and Omega watches such as the Diver 300, the Explorer and the GMT.

Examples of Bliger watches

(*prices correct when published)

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When you buy a 20 year old “refurbished” watch from eBay, ask yourself, what have you actually bought. The truth is you have to accept the word of the seller. Everything with regard to service history, parts used, water resistancy etc. For that reason, it makes a lot of sense buying a brand new homage watches instead of a 20 year old “Frankenwatch” of unknown provenance.

eBay Money Back Guarantee 💰🔁

To ensure our visitors get the best watch at a competitive price we have awarded TRUSTED SELLER ✅  accreditation to just one overseas dealer. For that reason, when shopping for quality homage watches we recommend MyWatchCode. Their actual eBay user name is GREENSTARS0614 but they go by the trading name of MyWatchCode. With over 23,000+ sales and 99%+ feedback you can’t go wrong. And remember, best of all, purchases from this dealer are covered under the eBay Money Back Guarantee 💰🔁

Tandorio Tribute Watches

All the watches below are from another respected brand of homage watches – TANDORIO. This company produce a range of good value for money tributes in many styles. Their most popular are their Captain Willard Turtle styled dive watches and their various Submariner and Tuna influenced watches. Remember – all these watches come with an eBay Money Back Guarantee 💰🔁

Tandorio Dive Watches – Quality Tributes

What we like about these Tandorio watches is the quality of the components used. Most (but please check) make use of the bomb proof Seiko made NH35 movement. That’s a hacking (start stop is possible for accurate time setting) and self winding (automatic) movement. It also features fast set date – great for months with more or less than 31 days.

(*prices correct when published)

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Corgeut – Black Bay, Fifty Fathoms tributes

Corgeut have a great range of tribute watches with many taking their design cues from the stunning Tudor Black Bay and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Remember – these are NOT fakes, they are just affordable tributes to some of the most desirable Swiss watches. A majority of these Corgeut watches are indeed 100m water resistant (please check) and can be worn for surface swimming. Many give the buyer the option of purchasing a Seagull movement or the better quality Miyota 8215 (self winding, hacking)

Corgeut Homage Watches – classic Tributes

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Don’t forget to look at Steeldive watches

If you are seriously thinking of taking your watch underwater, then these watches are NOT for you. Please consider one of the Steeldive watches on offer here from VJS Ltd ✅  (Steeldive UK). These watches are made to an incredibly high standard – all being certified 100m, 200m and even 300m water resistant. Steeldive make some lovely homage watches – tributes to like the Fifty Fathoms, Captain Willard and Submariner.

STEELDIVE SD1952T Fifty Fathoms tribute divers watch
Example of a Steeldive Diver’s watch – an SD1952T