Omega Seamaster Dive Watches – history & information

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This page is dedicated to one of the most iconic watch ranges in dive watch history – the Omega Seamaster dive watches. Since 1957 this stunning timepiece has adourned the wrists of movie stars, celebrities, entrepeneurs, sports-stars and yes – even DIVERS.

All images are courtesy of Omega Watches

Summary range overview – more infomation

Currently Omega have more than 50 different dive watch models in their Seamaster range. As far as genuine dive watches (200m or deeper) is concerned they have 4 primary model lines. The Seamaster Professional Diver 300m, the Seamaster 300 (rebirth of a classic model), the 600m certified Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean and finally the 1200m Omega Ploprof.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300m

Introduced in 1993 – the Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300m has established itself as a must have watch for everyone from athletes & sailors to celebrities and James Bond. We have dedicated a couple of pages to this beautiful divers watch :

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A stunning Omega Seamaster Diver 300 in Commander's watch colours
Limited Edition of 007’s favourite. The Omega Seamaster Diver 300 – Commander’s watch

Certified Authentic new & pre-owned Omega UK specialists

When purchasing a pre-owned Omega it is the responsibility of the buyer to take care to avoid buying a fake / counterfeit product. The best way to avoid a fake Omega is to buy from a certified pre-owned watch reseller like (UK) or WatchBox (worldwide). Visitors wishing to purchase a NEW Omega watch are directed to our preferred authorised Omega UK dealerGoldsmiths

Omega Seamaster 300 (original)

Omega introduced the Seamaster 300 in 1957. Designed specifically for divers and professionals who worked underwater. Half a century later and this classic timepiece makes a comeback. Now completely upgraded and enhanced – ready for a new generation of adventurers. Like the Diver 300m we have a couple of pages dedicated to this classic divers watch

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An Omega Seamaster 300 - the reinterpreted version of the 1957 classic
Subtle aesthetic changes – major innovations in technology – the Omega Seamaster 300

Omega Planet Ocean – our favourite

Our favourite - the master chronometer Omega Planet Ocean in steel, black and orange
In our view – perfection – the Planet Ocean 600M with Co‑Axial Master Chronometer 43.5 mm

At we do have a favourite – and that’s the Planet Ocean. Whether it’s the aesthetic beauty, the distinctive arrowhead hands or the mechanical wizardry of the Omega Master Chronometer calibre 8900 visible through the transparent caseback. We don’t know for sure, it’s probably a culmination of everything that make this Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean one of the most desirable dive watches on the market.

  • Steel case & strap – black dial and black bezel : (circe 2017 to 2020)
  • Steel case & strap – blue dial and blue bezel : (circa 2017 to 2020)
  • Titanium case & strap – blue dial and blue bezel : (circa 2010 to 2020)
  • Orange bezel – steel strap / case & black dial : (circa 2013 to 2018)
  • Orange bezel – rubber or leather strap & black dial : 2908.50.38 (circa 2005 to 2010)
  • Deep Black ceramic case – all black GMT version : (circa 2016 to 2020)

What to pay for a pre-owned Planet Ocean

Prices for an authentic previous owner Omega Planet Ocean vary widely from as low as £2,000 to as much as £7,000+. The high end market prices are for a clean Chronograph or GMT version with full set of box and papers. Expect to pay in excess of £3,000 for a good to excellent example of the regular Planet Ocean Co Axial 600m Chronometer (eg 2200.50.00) – anything less is great value (assuming all legit).  The limited edition Bond versions are harder to find and command a higher resale value. For a very clean Omega Plant Ocean 007 Bond watch (eg. expect to pay in the region of £6,000 (more Omega Bond watches here)

Pre-owned Planet Ocean available now

Every day we look for the very best Planet Ocean watches recently listed for sale. Visit our selection of the best Omega Planet Ocean for sale. We have listed a couple of these watches below – updated on the 21/11/2020.

A precision tool with Master Chronometer status

Everything about the Planet Ocean is a blatant statement in quality and master craftsmanship. The watch has been certified by The Swiss Federal Insitute of Metrology to Master Chronometer status, a highly regarded award. And rightly so, to achieve such an accolade a watch must be subjected to, and naturally PASS, 8 rigorous tests.

Exhibition caseback of an Omega Planet Ocean showing the twin barrels of the Master Co-Axial 8900
Omega Master Co-Axial 8900 Calibre seen through the transparent caseback

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Omega Ploprof – the Professional Dive watch

If extreme depth is an essential requirement then the watch that goes deeper than most is the Omega Ploprof. The Ploprof is a term adopted by Omega for their 1200m water resistant profesional divers watch. Accordingly, the watch’s name says it all – Ploprof – is an abbreviation of the French for professional diver – plongeur professionnel.

Omega Seamaster PloProf with clearly visible helium escape valve, right hand side
The Omega Ploprof 2016 model with titanium case and automatic helium escape valve

An Omega Seamaster Dive watch for the deepest dives

When first introduced in 1970 it was rated to 600m. The new version – released in 2016 – is rated to 1200m. Featuring a titanium with ceramic bezels (some models) and the OMEGA Co-Axial and Master Chronometer calibres. The new Omega Ploprof assures it’s lucky owner of the highest levels of accuracy and reliability.

What to pay for a pre-owned Omega Ploprof

Expect to pay somewhere in the region of US$5,000 to US$10,000 for a standard Omega Ploprof (steel case, black rubberised dive strap or Omega “shark” bracelet, black face and bezel with orange helium release valve). Moreover, the difference in price takes in to consideration condition, provenance, age, service intervals (if any) and whether it comes with box, papers etc. As with all these luxury watches – there is always a remote chance it may be a fake. Please take all necessary steps to help avoid buying a fake watch

Recently listed for sale

Every day we look for the very best Omega PloProf diver’s watches. Visit our selection of the best Omega Ploprof for sale here. A couple of these watches have been listed below – updated on the 21/11/2020.

Recognising Different Seamaster watch models

A glance at any of the current models should be time enough to determine which stable it belongs to. If BOTH hands have arrowhead pointers – it’s an Omega Planet Ocean. If just the hour hand has the arrowhead it’s the Seamaster 300. But, when the hands are hollow, with a triangular luminous marker on the minute hand and round luminous marker on the hour hand, it’s a Seamaster Diver 300m. However, when it’s an Omega Ploprof … it’s obvious with it’s distinctive helium release valve. More detail below ….

Confused between models?

If you are finding it hard to distinguish between the dif[ferent Omega models – in particular the Omega Seamaster 300, the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m and the Omega Planet Ocean hopefully this will help.

Omega Seamaster 300 hands – hour hand arrow

Omega Seamaster 300 with arrowhead on just the hour hand

If you are looking to buy an Omega Seamaster 300 you are interested in – please check the hands look like these above. Just the hour hand with the arrowhead – the minute hand has no arrowhead. We see about 50 – 75% of eBay listings wrongly referring to the Diver 300m as a Seamaster 300. They are both great watches – but please ensure you are getting what you want.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300m – hollow hands

Omega Seamaster Diver 300m with distinctive hollow hands

The Omega Seamaster Diver 300m is far more common than the Seamaster 300. It’s clearly distinguishable from the others with it’s hollow hands. One with triangular luminous tip (minute hand) and the hour hand with a round luminous marker

Omega Planet Ocean hands – two arrowheads

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean with both minute hand and hour hand terminating in an arrowhead

These are the hands of an Omega Planet Ocean. Both hands are solid and both terminate in a luminous arrowhead.

Note > Omega do have some exceptions to these general rules such as limited edition models and such like. This is a just an “at a glance” guide.

Omega Seamaster Dive Watch History

Omega launched their first official dive watch in 1948 – the Omega Seamaster – a name now synonymous with quality and underwater reliability. The first models utilised their many years producing military grade watches with high levels of water resistancy – not normally found on other watches of that time.

Fast forward 9 years to 1957 and we have their first 300m version. The Seamaster had most definitely arrived and quickly established itself as the must have watch for professional divers. In 1963 Jacques Cousteau – a renowned oceanographer & diver – wore the Seamaster 300m. His entire team wore the watch throughout their Conshelf II experiments in the Red Sea – a very impressive endorsement indeed.

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This is what our shopping partners say about the Omega Seamaster range

“The OMEGA Seamaster range of watches was introduced in 1948, and ever since then, the Seamaster collection has been the reference point for divers’ watches throughout the world. A combination of innovative design, technology and style has assured the OMEGA Seamaster is the most desirable timepiece for all diving enthusiasts. Our OMEGA watch range guarantees comfort and reliability during any underwater venture.

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