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Ask a diver to think of an affordable, quality dive watch and the brand most likely quoted will be Seiko – and rightly so. Seiko have decades of history making high quality dive watches at “everyday” prices. We don’t hide the fact that are great fans of the Seiko dive watch range. But don’t forget the other Japanese chronometer giant – Citizen. In my personal collection I have a Citizen Promaster Divers 200m BN0191-55L with Eco-Drive movement. A true alternative to the entry level and mid-range Seiko dive watches. Citizen also offer great value for money and typically high Japanese standards of build quality.

Range overview

The Promaster dive watch range from Citizen is not as comprehensive as that offered by Seiko Prospex. However, it has two main product lines – the Citizen Promaster Aqualand and the Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Divers 200m covering most people’s requirements. The Aqualand models feature a depth sensor, either analogue (hands) or digital. The Divers 200m models are all 200m water resistant (or more) . The Promaster Diver Professional is certified water resistant to 1000m and features a helium escape valve (as found on the Rolex Sea-Dweller and other “mixed gases” dive watches).

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Below is a small selection of Citizen Diver’s watches for sale today. These watches are sourced from ALL sellers so please take care and buy only from sellers with a solid history and feedback over 98%. If in doubt, please select one of the ⭐TRUSTED SELLERS⭐ – scrolll down for these please

Full collection of Citizen Promaster Watches for sale

Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Diver’s 200m

The Citizen dive watches without a depth meter are vaguely grouped in to the category of Citizen Promaster Ec-Drive Diver’s 200m. This group mainly consists of 200m dive watches equipped with Citizen’s Eco-Drive movement in various case styles.

Examples from the current range

The Citizen Eco-Drive watches should never need opening – offering years of maintenance free timekeeping. They use the natural movement of the wrist to charge the internal battery. It’s a combination of quartz accuracy and mechanical charging. The Eco-Drive range of watches include the Citizen Promaster Aqualand with an analogue DEPTH METER. Most popular are the Citizen Eco-Drive Diver’s 200m – as shown below.

Proof that a dive watch can be fun and functional with the ISO-compliant Promaster Diver. With Eco-Drive technology, it is powered by light and never needs a battery, so you’ll never need to open your caseback or compromise your dive again. Featuring a stainless steel case, black polyurethane strap and a matching black dial. Additional features include an aluminium ring on the bezel, screw-back case and screw-down crown, one-way rotating elapsed time bezel and water resistance to 200 metres.

ISO 6425 rated Diver’s Watch

These watches conform to the ISO 6425 dive watch certification and being Eco-Drive means they should never need to be opened. Unlike a quartz watch that needs a battery change – an Eco-Drive watch can remain factory sealed unless it needs repairing. The benefit of buying such a model on eBay is obvious – there is no reason what it’s water resistancy shouldn’t be as good as the day it left the factory.

Full collection of Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Divers for sale

Citizen Promaster Aqualand – Depth Meter

In 1986 Citizen released the innovative and groundbreaking Aqualand Dive Watch with integrated electronic depth gauge. An iconic watch with analogue hands and a digital readout for the depth. The Citizen Aqualand is immediately recognisable by it’s protruding pressure sensor on the left hand side – at the 9 o’clock position.

The models above is the come from the current range of Promaster Aqualand. Note the depth sensor on the left and the 70m depth display around the inner ring of the face. The RED outlined arrow hand is CURRENT depth, the small thin hand pointing to the DATE is recorded MAXIMUM depth of this dive. This functional timepiece also features a power reserve indicator (it’s Eco-Drive powered) plus a rapid ascent alarm. It’s also – as you might expect – ISO6425 compliant

If you want your Promaster to come equipped with a depth meter – then search for the Promaster Aqualand. From the current collection there are several to choose from including these particular product code

The Promaster Aqualand Diver is fully equipped with all the features you’d expect from an ISO-compliant Citizen diving watch. Features include water resistance to 200 metres, one-way rotating bezel, anti-magnetic, anti-shock case construction, screw-back case and screw-down crown, depth display to 70 metres, rapid ascent alarm, water sensor, auto start dive mode, power reserve indicator, maximum depth display and an extender clasp to fit over a wetsuit. Featuring our Eco-Drive technology – powered by light, any light. Never needs a battery.

Classic Promaster Aqualand JP2000 (C023)

This was a watch that transitioned from basic “dive time watches” to complicated “dive computers” like those made by Suunto etc. It was a unique and very popular model when introduced as the Citizen Aqualand C023 back in the early 1980’s. A clear analogue display, massive luminous hour markers, with a dive time bezel PLUS a digital readout of depth. No computer up load but the C0023 allows the diver to recall max depth and dive time.

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Full collection of Citizen JP2000 Dive watches for sale

In the early 1990’s the C0023 was rebranded as the Citizen Promaster Aqualand JP2000-08E. The classic style of the Promaster Aqualand is shown above. A true icon of a watch in the diving fraternity with ISO 6425 certification.

When buying a used model it is quite difficult to determine the year of manufacture. At we have read various threads relating to serial numbers – but none seem to be decisive / authoratitive. If you are really lucky you might find a NOS model (new old stock) – still boxed etc. Remember – the JP2000 has a quartz movement – if it’s had a battery change there is a chance the water resistancy may have been compromised – get it Water Resistancy tested

Citizen Promaster Automatic Divers

For the old school diving purist it has to be the mechanical Citizen Promaster Automatic. In this range you’ll find models like the Citizen NY0085, the NY0040 and NY0100. You can still find some of the classic Citizen 8203 automatic divers watches. Similar to the iconic Seiko SKX007 and Seiko SKX009 Pepsi these models were in production from the late 1970’s through to 1999.

Many people, myself included, appreciate the mechanical workings of this style of watch. Like all other models in the Promaster range this one is water resistant to 200m and conforms to the ISO6425 diving watch standard.

Full collection of Citizen Automatic Dive watches for sale

⭐Trusted Sellers for Citizen ⭐

To help our visitors source the best watches from reliable sources at a great price we have awarded the ⭐Trusted Sellers⭐ accreditation to the dealers listed below. Two are based in the UK, LUX Discount and Willows Watches – the other, Clodiatime, is based in Italy. All have exemplary eBay trading records and all can be trusted to deliver a genuine Citizen Diver’s Watch at a sensible price.

⭐ LUX Discount (UK stock) ⭐

The watch images shown below are courtesy of our eBay shopping partner LUX DISCOUNT watches.

We only recommend dealers with exceptional levels of customer satisfaction and a feedback score of at least 99%. All purchases are covered by the comprehensive eBay Money Back Guarantee. Don’t be disappointed – buy your Citizen divers watch from a ⭐TRUSTED SELLERS⭐. Based in the UK Lux Discount have been an eBay member since 2019. With over 500+ watch sales and 99%+ feedback you can buy your Citizen Divers’ watch with confidence.

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⭐ Willows Watches ⭐

The watches below come from the Citizen Eco-Drive Diver 200m range. These models feature Citizen’s much acclaimed Eco-Drive system. High quality dive watch for less than £300 / US$300. If you are buying one on eBay make sure you can’t get a NEW one for less than a used one. We’ve seen these new for less than £250 / US$250 – so shop around. All images used here are courtesy of our eBay shopping partners – Willows Watches (UK based)

We have accredited Willows Watches as a ⭐TRUSTED SELLERS⭐ for Citizen dive watches in the UK. Willows Watches have been an eBay member since 07 Apr, 2008. With 100% feedback from over 3,600 sales you are assured an excellent service and great product.

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Promaster Diver Automatic NY0040 series

No longer in production – the Citizen NY0040 series of dive watch may become a modern collectible in the not too distant future. Utilising the 8203 automatic movement this model is automatically wound by natural movement of your wrist throughout the day. The watches featured in the gallery below are all available from this ITALIAN sellerClodiatime by Adriano Gioielli

We have accredited ClodiaTime as a ⭐TRUSTED SELLERS⭐ for Citizen dive watches. Clodiatime by Adriano Gioielli have been an eBay member since 2006 With 98%+ feedback from over 8,200 sales. They are based in ITALY and use DHL International Express to ship to the UK for approximately £23.

The classic FULL LUME Citizen NY0040-50W (09W)

If there is one model in the NY0040 range that gets people excited it’s the stunning FULL LUME version. Citizen reference NY0040-50W (steel bracelet) and NY0040-09W (rubber strap). There’s something about the completely luminous watch face that makes it stand out from all the other diver’s watches on the market. Of course, when this watch really “stands out” is at night when the real benefit of the huge luminous dial can be appreciated. The images below are courtesy of our eBay shopping partner >> CLODIATIME

Current models – available movements

The Citizen range has a limited number of options with regard to the internal movement of the watch. Seiko cover all tastes with their Quartz, Automatic, Solar and Kinetic dive watches. Citizen offer only their Eco-Drive movements. There are some older Automatic models (such as the NY0040) on eBay and even some “new old stock” models. The NY0040 could be something of a collector’s model in the future.

Quality alternatives

Two other brands that may appeal to shopper’s considering a Citizen diver’s watch are Invicta and Orient. The Invicta range of dive watches include the hugely popular Invicta Pro Diver and the 300m water resistant Invicta Grand Diver (both pictured below). Invicta Dive watches feature very good quality Japanese movements like the Miyota 8215 (Citizen owned) and the Seiko produced NH35 (automatic / hacking). Orient watches are a wholly owned subsidiary company of Seiko Epson. All Orient dive watches use movements Made in Japan – in other words – great quality at a sensible price. The most popular from this brand are often referred to as the Orient Mako – a Rolex Submariner styled divers watch – and the Orient Kamasu. However, Orient themselves do NOT refer to these watches by those nicknames.

Invicta Pro Diver and Orient Dive watches

Citizen Watch Movements > FAQ

Quartz movements

A Quartz movement relies on a small coincell battery to power the watch. Depending on the particular model the battery should last between 8 – 60 months. Remember – if you have the battery changed in your quartz watch youwould be advised to ask about the water resistancy. A professional / Citizen accredited jeweller should be able to provide assurances regarding water resistancy following a battery change.

Eco-Drive movements

I have now had a couple of Eco-Drive watches and I have been very impressed with their reliability and accuract. Currently in my own collection of I have a Citizen Promaster 200m BN0191-55L with Eco-Drive movement. How does Eco-Drive work …. in Citizen’s own words ..

Citizen EcoDrive technology harnesses the power of light – from any natural or artificial light source – and converts it into energy, which is stored in a permanently rechargeable solar cell. An EcoDrive watches recharges itself in any kind of light, to run forever

Automatic (self winding) movements

An automatic watch relies on movement of the wrist to keep it ticking. Simply put, every time your wrist moves a semi-circular rotor spins – in effect – winding the watch’s mainspring. The movement does not have to be forced, it works from natural gestures expressed throughout the day.

Some watches also allow for “hacking” – the manual winding of the watch to give it a headstart. Unfortunately, the NY0040 is non-hacking – so it will need a wake up shake if you haven’t worn it for a couple of days. Just swing it back an forth for a couple of minutes. Waving it around frantically does NOT help – just move your arm in a slow flag wave movement.

Gallery – recently sold Citizen Promaster Dive Watches

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