A to Z of Dive Watch Brands

Breitling Superocean Divers Watch Collection
Omega Seamaster Diver's Watches - an example of a 007 Seamaster Divers 300m
Rolex Diver's Watch Collection - Introducing the Rolex Submariner and Sea-Dweller
Tudor Black Bay and Tudor Pelagos Dive Watches reviewed by ChronoDivers

Most Popular Brands A to Z

We’ll start with some of the better know luxury brands such as Rolex with their Submariner and Sea-Dweller and Omega with the Planet Ocean and Omega Divers 300m. We also take a look at some of the lesser known brands – marques of quality and distinction that deserve more attention. These include Oris with their Aquis, Doxa and their SUB range and one of our favourites – the Sinn Diver’s Watches.

The aim of these pages is to inform and, most importantly, to provide a trustworthy source to purchase genuine, certified authentic dive watches – removing the risks often associated to buying luxury products online. NOTE – we do NOT sell any of these watch brands directly – we only sell ChronoDivers own brand watches online.

Luxury Brand Diving Watches

Our collection encompasses all the major brands, catering to a wide range of budgets from £100 to £20K+. Among the featured brands, some are widely recognized and require no introduction, particularly the esteemed Swiss marques like Rolex, Omega, and Breitling. These brands are renowned for offering some of the finest luxury diver’s watches available in the market.

Rolex presents their exceptional Submariner and Sea-Dweller models, each boasting remarkable craftsmanship. Omega’s range is equally impressive, featuring the Master Chronometer certified Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, the Professional Diver 300m, and the reimagined original Seamaster 300.

Breitling, with a longstanding history of crafting diver’s watches dating back to the 1950s, continues this tradition through innovation and technology. The Breitling Superocean exemplifies their commitment to delivering cutting-edge timepieces for divers.

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More Quality Swiss Watch Brands

In addition to the well-known brands like Rolex, Omega, and Breitling, there are other premium brands worth considering, such as Tudor, Doxa, Sinn, Bell & Ross, Panerai, and Oris. These brands offer similar high-quality underwater timepieces while showcasing their unique styles. Also, don’t forget Longines and TAG Heuer, both worth mentioning.

Longines, for instance, has recently reinvented their classic Divers collection with the introduction of the Longines HydroConquest, Legend Diver, Skin Diver, and Ultra-Chron models.

Below, you can find a few examples of products from these brands, starting with the impressive Tudor Pelagos 500m dive watch. All these watches are genuine scuba diving timepieces.

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The above mentioned brands provide superior quality and authentic dive watch specifications and construction. Tudor, in addition to the Pelagos, offers the Black Bay in various sizes, including a GMT and Chronograph version. Doxa’s Sub range, particularly the Doxa Sub 300 and Doxa Sub Army, stands out as favorites. For a unique choice, explore timepieces from the German brand Sinn, with the Sinn U2 and Sinn U1 being among their top models.

Dive Watches on Amazon

Example of an Invicta Dive Watch sold on Amazon. Over 20,000 Invicta Divers Sold !

Invicta Dive Watches, notably their Pro Diver and Grand Diver series, epitomize affordable luxury without compromising on quality or functionality. The Pro Diver, characterized by its classic design, merges style with substance, featuring robust stainless steel construction and water resistance suitable for recreational diving.

Meanwhile, the Grand Diver amplifies these attributes with an even more substantial build, enhanced water resistance, and intricate detailing.

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Probably the most famous of all the best dive watch brands are the Japanese giants – Seiko. A huge range covering most budgets from entry level Seiko 5 through their Seiko Prospex range to the top end Seiko LX Spring Drive. The watches below show the diversity of models that can be found on eBay and other sales sites. Know what you’re looking for and do plenty of research in to model numbers before committing to buy online. For those interested – we have produced a short history of the Seiko Dive watch detailing the most significant milestones in their innovative journey.

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Seiko dive watches are known by several popular, but unofficial nicknames. Here’s a few to get started.

  • Seiko Tuna – the professional diver’s choice. 1000 metres water resistant with a helium gasket to protect from gaseous invasion at depth.
  • Seiko Samurai – the smart, sharp diver’s watch that looks like it’s been sliced by a warrior’s sword.
  • Seiko Monster – introduced in 2000 with the 7S26 automatic movement. The Monster dive watch is instantly recognizable by it’s sharp monster tooth like indexes and aggressively styles bezel
  • Seiko Turtle – smooth, cushion like case worn by the fictional Captain Willard in Apocalypse Now.
  • Seiko SKX009 – aka the Seiko Pepsi. One of the most popular dive watches of all time. Originally certified to 150 metres and later increasing to 200 metres water resistancy.
  • Seiko SKX007 – same family as the SKX009 but this one with an all black dial and bezel. 7S26 bomb proof automatic movement

Best Dive Watches under £200

If you want value for money – look no further than the stalwarts of reasonably priced quality watches from Citizen, Invicta and Orient. They all manufacture genuine 200m water resistant dive watches at a great price. The Citizen Promaster range is the epitome of affordable quality. If you’re shopping for the best inexpensive dive watch – look no further than one of these leading brands.

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However – we’re a little bit biased. If you want the very best value divers watch – that’s got to be our own ChronoDivers CD200SKX. Where else can you buy a Seiko powered, classically styled 200m water resistant divers watch for under £100!

Emerging Brands

Phoibos & Panzera are two emerging brands offering unique ranges of affordable, high quality timepieces. We’re working with both this brands to promote their products to buyers focused on just 3 or 4 brands. Think outside the box and be surprised by the outstanding quality and value for money of these groundbreaking new dive watch collections.

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Homages to classic Dive Watches

Then there’s some great homage watches from leading brands like Steeldive and San Martin. These tribute watches have a strong resemblance to classic dive watches from years gone by. But don’t confuse these two brands with cheap “fakes” – these are well engineered watches built to an build quality equal to that of the big Japanese brand names.

The two watches shown below are “proper” diver’s watches. The San Martin Submariner comes certified to 200m – the Steeldive Tuna is rated to a a whopping 1000m!

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