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We have changed the way we work in an attempt to improve the quality of the diving watches advertised here. If you’re looking for an authentic watch at a great price, you’re in the right place, read on. Alternatively, if you want to see everything, dive straight in and browse all divers watches listed for sale this week.

Independently Vetted – Certificate of Authenticity

In 2021 eBay launched what we believe is their most powerful selling feature – the eBay Authenticity Guarantee ✅. This brilliant new innovation means shoppers can purchase luxury watches (currently £2,000 or more from eligible sellers) with the confidence that it is 100% genuineGUARANTEED. Click the banner below to for more information on luxury watches covered by the eBay Authenticity Guarantee ✅ All watches are independently vetted for authenticty before being despatched to the customer.

Dive watches by brand – new, used & vintage

We have focused on all the major brands covering most budgets from £100 to £20K+. Our focus is mostly dive watches whether, new, used or vintage. Some of these brands need no introduction, such as Rolex, Omega, Tudor, Breitling and Seiko. However, there are others like Bell & Ross, Panerai, Oris, TAG Heuer and Blancpain who offer similar levels of Swiss horological quality with a little more exclusivity. Notwithstanding Casio, Citizen, Invicta and Orient – who all manufacture genuine 200m water resistant dive watches at a great price. The most popular brands can be found below ….

Seiko Diver’s watches including Prospex

An example of a Seiko Prospex Diver's watch sold here

Seiko have an extensive range of diver’s watches and have been making them since 1965. Seiko dive watches offer excellent value for money and technical competency. Most of their contemporary models conform to ISO-6425 – the international standard for a professional diver’s watch.

This is the watch that got me fascinated by dive watches, the Seiko SKX009 aka Seiko Pepsi due to it’s iconic blue and red dive time bezel. An automatic classic running the bomb proof Seiko 7S26 movement, the Seiko SKX007 (all black) and Seiko SKX009 are still as popular today as when they came out in 1996

But it’s not all just about the SKX models. They also have the iconic Seiko Turtle made famous by Captain Willard in the Apocalypse Now movie. And then there’s the Seiko Tuna with it’s external helium proof gasket and the distinctive sharp edged Seiko Samurai.

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Steeldive tributes to Classic Diving Watches

Steeldive Watches for sale direct in the UK - a Fifty Fathoms homage watch

Steeldive watches are exceptional quality usable dive watches at prices that will surprise most watch fans. Their speciality is producing high quality homage watches. Some of the classic watches from the last 60 years such as the Seiko Captain Willard and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms reinterpreted .

All their watches are tested for water resistancy and built from modern, high quality components. Most are powered by reliable movements like the automatic NH35 (made by Seiko). When you wear a Steeldive watch expect to be asked over and over – “where did you buy it?” – buy yours from Steeldive UK‘s favoured supplier.

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Just in – two Steeldive watches listed today

Breitling SuperOcean diving watches

A range of Breitling SuperOcean dive watches for sale - new and used.

The Breitling SuperOcean diver’s watch first appeared in 1957. That was the same year as the Omega Speedmaster and just 4 years after the Rolex Submariner and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. The SuperOcean is a classic dive watch designed to equip professional and military divers. We love everything about this watch range. From it’s big bold numerals and sometimes equally bold face colours to the classic understated Heritage versions.

It’s popularity has grown year on year with a keen following among leisure divers and watch enthusiasts. The SuperOcean design brief is simple – a watch that must be clearly legible and functional at depth. Buy your Brietling SuperOcean only from a trusted seller with money back guarantee.

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Breitling SuperOcean listed for sale this week

Omega Seamaster Professional Dive Watch

Omega Seamaster Dive watches

Established by Louis Brandt in 1848 this Swiss watchmaker re-branded to Omega in 1894 following the release of their 19 ligne calibre. The brand has lead the way in technology, style and adventure. The first wrist watch worn by a man on the moon – a brand defining accololade. The Omega Seamaster dive watch range is a joy to behold and a firm favourite among collectors, athletes, divers and even 007 James Bond himself

The Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300m – it’s full & proper title – was introduced to the world in 1993. From the outset it was clear the Diver 300m was going to be something special. In that same year professional diver – Roland Specker – achieved a world record freshwater free dive. On his way down to the world record of 80m he wore the new Omega Seamaster Diver 300m. The Diver 300m had arrived and established itself as a serious dive watch.

It was 1957 when Omega introduced the Seamaster 300. Designed specifically for divers and underwater professionals. Fast forward another 50 years and they have kindly reintroduced the Omega Seamaster 300. Maintaining all the aesthetic qualities of the original Omega have completely upgraded and enhanced this classic watch. Let’s not forget their two giants of the depths – the Omega Planet Ocean (600m WR) and their Plongeur Professional the Omega PloProf (1,200m)

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Omega Seamaster dive watches added 22/01/2022

Citizen Promaster Diver 200m

Citizen ProMaster Dive watches for sale

Another leading Japanese brand with exceptionally high standards of quality assurance and reassuringly down to earth prices. The majority of Citizen’s Promaster dive watches are powered by their innovative Eco-Drive movement. Eco-Drive watches provide up to 10 months quartz accuracy time-keeping from a single full solar powered charge. Like Seiko – a majority of their newer 200m dive watches conform to ISO-6425.

The Eco-Drive range of watches include the Citizen Promaster Aqualand with an analogue DEPTH METER. Most popular is the Citizen Eco-Drive Diver 200 available in good used condition for under £150

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Rolex Submariner & Rolex Sea-Dweller

Pre-owned certified authentic Rolex Submariner and Rolex Sea-Dweller watches for sale

How many manufacturers can claim their dive watches have been tested to depths in excess of 10,000m (35,000ft)? Not many – in fact just one – Rolex. In 1960 a Rolex Deepsea Special was sent to the depths of The Mariana Trench attached to the Trieste – a two-man deepsea submersible.

The Rolex Submariner and Rolex Sea-Dweller benefit from the innovations learned during these deepsea expeditions. Uncompromising build quality and patended materials such as Cerachrom and Oystersteel make the Rolex dive watches some of the most sought after watches in the world.

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Bell & Ross Diver Watch – BR03-92

The Bell and Ross Diver watch - available here - certified authentic

The Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver is currently (Nov 2019) available in 4 distinct designs. All are immediately recognisable as Bell & Ross with their iconic square case and cockpit styled dials. The latest model with olive green bezel and bronze case salutes the origins of underwater exploration

The Bell & Ross Diver watch is the result of a collective experience and many years accumulating a specialist knowledge. A continuous feedback loop incorporating the skill of the Bell & Ross designers and master watchmakers, coupled with the best testers in the world, the end users, many professional users

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Blancpain Fifty Fathoms – first modern diving watch

Used Blancpain Fifty Fathoms watches for sale - certified genuine

Blancpain entered the market of underwater timepieces way back in 1953 with the introduction of the first Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. At the time this new watch was billed as “the first modern diving watch”. Fast forward over 65 years and Blancpain are still producing the Fifty Fathoms dive watch. Several decades of subtle improvement culminate in these new models available in both chronometer and chronograph models.

In a word – STUNNING. This is the watch I’d buy if the ChronoDivers business paid me enough money …. one day 🙂

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