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Above – a small selection of some lesser known, high quality divers watches you’ll find on From left to right – a Doxa Sub 300T Army, a Sinn U1 with camouflage dial and an Oris Aquis – all competent dive tools built to the highest Swiss and German standards.

Discovering the Best Dive Watches has one primary task – to help visitors discover the best dive watches on the market today. All brands – All budgets. Our goal is to introduce visitors to stunning timepieces from leading brands including Breitling, Blancpain, Omega, Rolex and Tudor. There’s watches from lesser known professional dive watch brands such as Sinn, Doxa and Oris. And of course – no website dedicated to divers watches could ignore the two Japanese giants – Citizen and Seiko.

Dive Watches A – Z

Discover some lesser known brands from leading manufacturers of luxury dive watches

INTRODUCING an impressive collection of the diver’s watches from renowned brands. This includes iconic dive watches like the Omega Seamaster, Breitling Superocean and the Citizen Promaster collection

Additionally, we proudly present lesser-known but exceptional timepieces like the Sinn U1, Doxa Sub 300 and the Oris Aquis.

For further insights into each brand’s offerings, please visit the A to Z of Dive Watch Brands page. Here you’ll find valuable information on brand history, models and pricing guides.

Best on Amazon

An example of a popular Invicta Divers Watch as sold on Amazon

The team at ChronoDivers have taken timeout to discover the Best Dive Watches currently available on Amazon. By BEST we mean a combination of quality workmanship at a great price.

We have tried to pick watches that are available in most countries so please follow the links to Amazon to check each watch in your location. We have selected watches in a variety of budgets covering everything from under £75 / $100 to over £350 / $400.

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Using our inside contacts we get a “heads up” on many watches before they go on the public market. Every watch is guaranteed genuine and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. This service is 100% free – we get a small commission from the seller

eBay Authenticity Guarantee

If you are visiting Chronodivers today with the view to buying a Luxury Swiss Dive Watch for over £1,500STOP HERE. Please take a minute to discover the benefits of purchasing a watch from eBay under their Authenticity Guarantee scheme. We have more details and a video on the scheme here – the eBay Authenticity Guarantee. All luxury Dive Watches sold with this Guarantee are Certified 100% Authentic by a third party test house. What is the eBay Authenticity Guarantee and can you trust it when purchasing a luxury watch?

eBay Athenticity Guarantee for watches explained. What it means to shoppers. Is it FREE and can you trust it when purchasing an expensive watch.

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Dive Watch News

A summary of the latest diving watch news and new product releases from all the leading brands. If you would like a product or news story to be featured here please contact us with details. If it’s of interest to our visitors – we will gladly publish it here

The new (Jan 2024) Seiko Black Series Turtle Divers

Seiko Dive Watch enthusiasts, brace yourselves for the latest addition to the Black Series – the Seiko Prospex King Turtle SRPK43. This formidable timepiece is making waves in the …


The world’s most popular divers watches are the Seiko Prospex models. This brand has a long history producing affordable, high quality timepieces. Almost as popular are Citizen – another Japanese brand who have been manufacturing watches for divers since the 1960’s

What watches do real divers use?

For recreational divers – not exceeding more than a few metres – these timepieces are perfect for timing the dive and, in the case of a handful of models, monitoring the depth (Citizen Aqualand, Casio Frogman etc). Professional divers use the type of watches featured here as a BACK UP only. Professional divers make us of the advanced dive computers produced by companies like Suunto, Garmin and Shearwater

What colour is best for a dive watch?

The most important features of a good dive watch are contrast between the hands and the dial. This can be achieved either with a DARK dial and LIGHT coloured hands – or – vice versa. Equally important is the quality of the luminous dial, hands and bezel. Popular colour schemes are a BLACK dial with WHITE hands – or – an ORANGE / YELLOW dial with BLACK hands. A model that accomplishes this is the Doxa Sub 300 with a variety of boldly coloured dials.

Is a dive watch a good everyday watch?

Absolutely. Diving watches are designed to be both an underwater tool and an everyday wearer. Most modern watches feature an accurate automatic (self winding) movement and a scratch resistant glass. This means the watch is both robust enough for physical jobs (building, gardening etc) and also accurate. A nice timepiece can look just as at home on a building site as it can in the boardroom.

What are the best dive watches?

Tricky question – which product actually is the best dive watch depends on who’s wearing it and what they’re going to use it for. For the recreational divers it’s hard to beat the Citizen Promaster Aqualand with depth alarm and max depth record. If the question is really what’s the most expensive then consider the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, Rolex Sea-Dweller or Panerai Submersible. We have more information on the best Best Diving Watches here – everything from Orient Mako to the Rolex Submariner is considered here.

Diving watches are popular as they offer value for money, longevity and years of trouble free timekeeping. Certain brands such as Rolex have become, unfortunately, a bit of an investment item. However – this is not a practice ChronoDivers endorse as it a) isn’t guaranteed and b) these watches are MADE TO BE WORN !!!! not stuffed away in a bank vault.

Do divers actually use these watches?

Yes – divers do wear this style of watch – maybe not as much as they dive 20 years ago – but they still do. A dive watch is a popular backup tool for many professional divers. Knowing how long a diver has been underwater is a critical factor in safe diving.

What watches do Divers actually wear?

Pretty much all the watches featured on ChronoDivers are worn by experienced divers. Brands like Doxa and Sinn have huge followings in the dive world. Seiko and Citizen are the most popular due to their affordability and high quality. Divers with a reasonable budget will dive wearing timepieces such as the Breitling Superocean, Tudor Pelagos, Rolex Submariner and Omega Professional Diver 300m.

What are the best dive watches under £400

There are dozens of quality divers watches to chose from in the $400-$500 (£300-£400) bracket. Seiko is a brand that immediately jumps out as a must consider. The same applies to Citizen Promaster range especially the Eco-Drive Divers 200 models.

What are the best dive watches under £1000

The best way to invest $1,000 on a diver’s watch is to consider a preowned luxury brand timepiece such as an Oris Aquis, a Longines HydroConquest or, if you’re lucky, a Doxa Sub 200. Try to get a watch that comes with the FULL SET – that means the original box, sales receipt and warranty card / manual.

What is the purpose of a Dive Time Bezel?

One thing a vast majority of watches featured here have is a rotating bezel with markers laid out every 5 minutes going from 12 o’clock ZERO to 11 o’clock 55 minutes. Most of these bezels are UNI-DIRECTIONAL meaning they can only rotate in one direction to prevent accidental alteration while diving. Using these bezels while diving is simple. At the start of the dive rotate the TOP ARROW in line with the minute hand. As the time passes the elapsed dive time can be read from the bezel. Basically it’s a count-up timer.

Why is the first section of the bezel a different colour?

The reason why most bezels are a different colour at 15 or 20 minutes is because that is normally perceived as the “half time” point of the dive. Most recreational dives are around 30 to 40 minutes on average. Once the minute hand moves in to the second colour band, it’s time to slowly ascend.