Dive Watch information & sales

The purpose of ChronoDivers.com is simple – to help shoppers get the best deal when buying a dive watch. We showcase some of the best dive watches currently on the market. Watches from all leading brands – and hopefully some visitors may be unfamiliar with. ChronoDivers.com deal with both new and pre-owned / used watches.

With certified dive watches available from under £200 to anything over £80K (Rolex COMEX Submariner) there’s a genuine dive watch for all budgets. Functionally – all models listed on ChronoDivers.com perform to a minimum set of standards. The differentiator in prices is a reflection on levels of quality control, extreme depth ratings, unique and patended materials, investment in innovation and brand pedigree & exclusivity.

Seiko Prospex

Seiko have an excellent range of divers watches and have been making them since 1965. The Seiko Prospex range offer excellent value for money and most contemporary models conform to ISO-6425 (international standard for a diver’s watch). From the vast range of Prospex dive watches we have focused on the Seiko Samurai, the Seiko Turtle (cushion case) , the Seiko Tuna (can) and the Seiko SKX007/9read more about Seiko Dive Watches

A Seiko Samurai PADI Divers 200
A Seiko Turtle Prospex Divers 200

Omega Seamaster

Established by Louis Brandt in 1848 this Swiss watchmaker re-branded to Omega in 1894 following the release of their 19 ligne calibre. The brand has lead the way in technology, style and adventure. The first wrist watch worn by a man on the moon – a brand defining accololade. Omega have been an official partner of the Olympics since 1932.

For diving they offer the Omega Seamaster 300, the Seamaster Diver 300, the Planet Ocean 600 and the 1200m rated Omega Proprof – more details about the Omega Seamster range of dive watches here

Classic Omega Seamaster 300
Omega Seamaster Diver 300

Citizen Promaster

Another leading Japanese brand with exceptionally high standards of quality assurance and reassuringly down to earth prices. The majority of Citizen’s Promaster dive watches are powered by their innovative Eco-Drive movement. Eco-Drive watches provide up to 10 months quartz accuracy time-keeping from a single full solar powered charge. Like Seiko – a majority of their newer 200m dive watches conform to ISO-6425. We have focused on the most popular models including the Citizen Promaster Diver, the Promaster Aqualand and the Promaster Automatic NY0040

Citizen Promaster Diver 300m
Citizen Promaster Diver 200m

Rolex Submariner / Sea-Dweller

How many manufacturers can claim their dive watches have been tested to depths in excess of 10,000m (35,000ft)? Not many – in fact just one – Rolex. In 1960 a Rolex Deepsea Special was sent to the depths of The Mariana Trench attached to the Trieste – a two-man deepsea submersible.

The Rolex Submariner and Rolex Sea-Dweller benefit from the innovations learned during these deepsea expeditions. Uncompromising build quality and patended materials such as Cerachrom and Oystersteel make the Rolex Oyster dive watches some of the most sought after watches in the world.

Submariner Oystersteel & Gold
Submariner in Oystersteel

TAG Heuer Aquaracer

Steve McQueen, Ayrton Senna, Muhammad Ali and Fangio – a marketing dream-team if ever there was one. TAG Heuer can claim all four as Heritage ambassadors.

The TAG Heuer Aquaracer range is aimed at swimmers, sailors and surfers as well as divers. All current models are certified to a water resistancy of 300m. Available with quartz or mechanical movement including the popular automatic Calibre 5. More information and sales on the TAG Aquaracer watches here

TAG Aquaracer Calibre 5
TAG Aquaracer Calibre 45

More brands coming very soon …..